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WHAT'S NEW (As of February 5, 2014)

9th Annual Year in Review Newsletter


2014 Sport and Technology Camp Registration Forms (Paid Camps)

Wayne State University VAC Staff Training Workshops


Detroit Housing Commission Collaborative Programming



Wayne State University

Volunteers Administrators and Coaches  (VAC) Training Program

has been sponsored by:




Advisory Board Members


Roy Allen - Detroit Board of Education (Retired)

Gene Bell - Waste Management

Dr. Sarah Erbaugh - Wayne State University/ Kinesiology Health and Sports Science

Curtis Golson - Southeast POP Warner

Nate  Hampton - Michigan High School Athletic Association

Amin Irving - Ginosko Development Company

Shelly Norman-Hill - Youth Development Commission

Yolanda Hill - Community Health Equity

Fred Hunter - Think Detroit/PAL

Dr. Barbara LeRoy -Wayne State University/Development Disabilities Institute

Dr. Jeff Martin - Wayne State University/ Kinesiology Health and Sports Science

Dr. Peggy McCann - Siena Heights University

Dr. Nate Mc Caughtry - Wayne  State University

Mike Trogan - Y.E.S.

John Wangler - Top Cat Sales

Henry Washington - AD Chandler Park Academy

Maxine Willis - K.E.Y.S. Kids