Detroit Education Research Partnership

Collaborative Policy Research

The Detroit Education Research Partnership is a collaboration between researchers at Wayne State University's College of Education and a constellation of community partners interested in improving Detroit schools, including the Detroit Public Schools Community District and the Every School Day Counts Detroit coalition. We work in partnership with schools, community organizations, and policymakers to identify the key problems that impede improvement in Detroit schools. We then collaboratively determine what stakeholders need to know to solve those problems and design research studies to collect, interpret, and disseminate that information to the audiences that need it most. Current research areas include: Chronic Absenteeism and Student Attendance, Student Exit from Detroit, Student Mobility, Early Literacy, and High School Success.

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Latest research report

Detroit Students' Experiences During the Novel Coronavirus Pandemic imageWe interviewed high school students in May and June 2020 about their experiences with COVID-19, how often and in what ways they participated in distance learning, and what their perspectives were about school in the fall. This research brief highlights several findings with implications for how students should be supported during and after the pandemic.

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The Detroit Education Research Partnership is supported by the Skillman Foundation, the Brightmoor Alliance, the Spencer Foundation, and the Midwest Mobility from Poverty Network.

Detroit Education Research Partnership