Undergraduate Minor

Do you have an interest in optimizing how people learn and perform in a variety of settings? If you see yourself wanting to create impactful change in any environment then LDT might be your perfect career path.  Our graduates can expect to enter a strong job market and have competitive salaries in designing innovative, high-impact learning experiences.

Career Opportunities

  • Digital experience designer
  • Director of training and development
  • Health educator
  • Health personnel educator
  • Instructional designer
  • Learning organization specialist
  • Medical training supervisor
  • Multimedia specialist
  • Non-profit training specialist
  • Training developer


Freshman Students

Current WSU Students

Transfer Students

Course Requirements

Students are required to meet with their academic advisor prior to registering for courses.

Major Coursework

Core courses Cr. Hrs.
Total Credits 18
LDT 2015 Introduction to Learning Design and Technology 3
LDT 3115 Instructional Design 3
LDT 3125 Evaluation Techniques and Tools 3
LDT Electives: 9 credits in consultation with your advisor (LDT 3000 – 5000)


Fall Semester I

Courses Cr. Hrs.
Total 3
LDT 2015 3

Winter Semester I

Courses Cr. Hrs.
Total 3
LDT 3115 3

Fall Semester II

Courses Cr. Hrs.
Total 6
LDT 3125 3
Minor Elective 3

Winter Semester II

Courses Cr. Hrs.
Total 6
Minor Elective 3
Minor Elective 3

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Academic services officer II