COE Next Gen Teachers Summer Program

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The Next Gen Teachers Summer Program is a free, two-week (Monday through Friday), summer college readiness program designed specifically for underrepresented high school students interested in a career in education!

  • Student benefits

    Get Prepared to Make a Difference!

    The Next Gen Teachers Summer Program provides high school students the opportunity to:

    • Become eligible for automatic entrance into Education Scholars Alliance Learning Community
    • Become exposed to the plethora of resources and services offered to WSU students on campus
    • Eligibility for $500 Raise.Me Scholarship
    • Engage with WSU College of Education faculty, academic advisors, success coaches, and current students
    • Learn about the Learning Communities and Student Organizations at the College of Education
    • Learn about the many benefits of a K-12 teaching career
    • Learn how to search and apply for external college scholarships and complete FAFSA applications
    • Practice key skills and concepts of the teaching profession
    • WSU undergraduate application fee waived for successful completion of the program
  • Eligibility

    The Next Gen Teachers Summer Program is for students who meet the following criteria:

    • High school students currently completing their Sophomore or Junior academic year
    • Have an interest in becoming a certified K-12 teacher
    • Have an interest in attending The College of Education at Wayne State University for undergraduate studies
    • Have earned at least a 2.5 grade point average
  • Contact

    For more information regarding the Next Gen Teachers Summer Program, please contact:

    Jeff Lisiecki - Undergraduate Recruitment Coordinator
    Phone: 313-577-1601

    For more information regarding College of Education Teacher Preparation Programs, please contact:

    The Division of Teacher Education
    Phone: 313-577-0902

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