Bachelor of Science (B.S.)

Being an athlete or simply passionate about sports isn’t enough to launch a career in the sports industry. A B.S. in Sport Management will help you turn your passion for athletics into a successful professional career. The program includes focused coursework in all areas of sport management, and a practical internship that gives students the professional skills and industry experience needed to navigate the opportunities and challenges in the business of sport. Our faculty have extensive experience and networks in professional, collegiate, interscholastic and amateur athletics. Whether your goal is to work in the front office, run facilities, manage athletic departments or coach, our program will provide you with an edge in this competitive field.

Course Requirements

Sport Management (required courses, min. 42 credits)

Courses Cr. Hrs.
Total major credits 42
SAM 2100 Foundations of Sport Management 3
SAM 2020 History of Sport 3
SAM 3010 Ethics in Sport 3
SAM 3020 Sociology of Sport 3
SAM 4020 Sport 3
SAM 4030 Sport Finance 3
SAM 4040 Sport Communication (*WI in major) 3
SAM 5000 Professional Practicum (prereq: SAM 2100) 3
KIN 5700 Sport Leadership 3
SAM 6570 Sports Marketing (prereq: SAM 2100) 3
SAM 5750 Internship in Sports Management 6
Select at least one of the following (prereq: SAM 2100)
SAM 6560 Media Design and Communication 3
SAM 6531 Sport Event Management 3
Select at least one of the following (prereq: SAM 2100)
SAM 5510 Principles of Coaching 3
SAM 6300 Interscholastic Athletic Directing 3
SAM 6530 Professional Sport Administration 3
SAM 6320 Youth Sports and Recreation 3

Students in this program complete an individualized Plan of Work with their advisor and the Sport Management Advising Guide.


As a new or transfer student, advising takes place in the College of Education's Academic Services Office (Room 489, College of Education).

Fawne Allossery
Academic services officer III

Kurt Troutman
Academic services officer II

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