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College of Education Virtual Scholarship Reception

Join us to acknowledge our donors for their enormous impact on the College of Education, and for their support of our students who are so very dedicated to their education and profession. This year we will come together virtually to celebrate their generosity and support which allow us to shepherd future generations of educators toward success.

2020-2021 Scholarship Awards Reception Program

Please see comments below from several attendees of the College of Education Virtual Scholarship Reception 2020

Angela Farrah (student recipient): Thank you so much donors! You all make a huge positive difference.

Olivia Melissa (student recipient): Hi, everyone! I am so honored to be here and be a recipient of Wayne State University scholarships.

Mary Barden (director of philanthropy): Wow, $630,000 in privately funded scholarship in 2020 alone - amazing!!!

Rose Bellanca (3 time alum and member of Board of Visitors): Education is the key to life. Congratulations on your journey to make an impact on the lives of others.

Alisa Hutchinson: A huge thank you to our wonderful donors from a former scholarship recipient and new COE faculty member!

Megan Thrasher (student recipient): I'm so thankful to be a recipient of the Weiss scholarship!

Mary Barden: Megan, Bernie Weiss was a long time COE faculty member years ago. Congrats!

Sandra Gonzales (COE Professor): Felicidades/Congrats!!!

Kate Roberts (Teacher Education Professor and Reilly Honoree): How amazing would it be if everyone could have an aunt Bev?! 

Bev Schneider (COE Advisor and Arthur Brown Alumni Award recipient 2020)-----thank you to everyone for your kind and gracious words..

Mary Barden: Thank you Blomquists for sponsoring TWO endowed scholarship at the College of Education. Victor Blomquist Memorial Scholarship and Jean Fair Endowment.

Mary Barden: Amanda is a Ditmore scholar. Thanks Meredith!

Roland Sintos Coloma (Teacher Education Professor): Congratulations to all the scholarship recipients. And much appreciation to the donors for helping make dreams come true.

Sharon Elliott (52 year COE Professor and Assistant Dean): Congratulations to all Pathways Students. You are so needed in our schools. 

CMcMaster (student recipient): Thank you for honoring me with the Helen M. Butts Endowed Scholarship! It was a wonderful and much needed surprise to support my doctoral work!

Jennifer Lewis (COE Professor): Great program! Inspired by our students and our colleagues.

College of Education Philanthropy Office

Mary Barden, director of philanthropy

Michael Gute, philanthropy officer