Community outreach

The College of Education engages in a variety of outreach projects with our partners and programs where research merges with practice. Our college theme incorporates the goal of developing "the Effective Urban Educator: Reflective, Innovative and Committed to Diversity". This theme emphasizes our commitment to preparing educators who are critical thinkers prepared to assume leadership roles in real-world settings including urban environments with diverse populations.

This commitment is reflective of the entire university's dedication to fully participate in the community in which it is located, by initiating and joining in partnership with a variety of individuals, agencies, businesses, school districts, non-profits agencies, etc. Examples of these projects, in which the expertise of College of Education faculty is creatively applied to real-world situations to benefit our community, include:

Alternative and teaching programs


Community art projects

Counseling services

Early childhood programs



Professional development for teachers

Programs for high school students

Tutoring for students