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Focus Areas of CHCI, Academy for Mindfulness and Yoga; Healthy Schools; Mental Health & Well-Being; Fitness & Human Performance; Healthy Communities; Nutrition & Food Systems; and, Inclusive Health & Wellness.
Focus areas

Who We Are

Together, we are educators, clinicians, scientists, and community leaders devoted to advancing health, well-being, equity, and life success throughout communities locally, regionally, nationally.

Our Mission

To improve community health and vitality through diverse and inclusive programs, advocacy, and research.


We develop inclusive, community-driven, and evidence-based PROGRAMS that improve physical, mental, and emotional health and performance to maximize quality of life and human potential.

We conduct community-engaged and clinical RESEARCH examining complex environmental factors that influence disease prevention, emotional well-being, educational and career success, and optimal human performance.

Collectively, our work emphasizes a whole-person, culturally-relevant approach to health, well-being and social equity across the lifespan.

CHCI Brochure - Who we are and how we're impacting the community through inclusive programs and research

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