Mental health and well-being

Calming Early Childhood Classrooms

Programs implementing trauma informed teaching and classroom calming centers to improve emotion regulation, behavior, and learning through movement-based sensory processing with preschool children.

Cheryl Somers

Project SUCCESS: Improving Education for Trauma-Affected Youth

Programs examining the influences of social-emotional learning (SEL) and trauma-informed teaching on the academic achievement and social, behavioral, and mental health of youth affected by trauma.

Cheryl Somers

Project Support: LGBTQ Youth and Social Support

Programs examining the impact of LGBTQ youth's social support, disclosure, identity development and self-perceptions on overall well-being and life satisfaction.and life satisfaction.

Sarah Kiperman

Project Support: LGBTQ  Youth Video Series

A psychoeducational video series for LGBTQ youth to affirm diverse identities, develop pro-social coping skills, and promote social support.

Sarah Kiperman

Integrated Trauma Informed Education

A whole-child approach setting the learning context by blending trauma-informed teaching, social-emotional learning, yoga practice, mindful breathing exercises, and cognitive reframing to achieve optimal mental and physical health, social relationships, and academic achievement.

Cheryl Somers

Understanding Addiction: Training Future Health Care Providers

Programs examining the effectiveness of mental healthcare provider training focused on data-driven, integrative approaches to understanding and treating substance use disorders.

Scott Branson

Women's Empowerment and Well-Being

Evaluation of programs facilitating the mental health and sexual empowerment of women.

Cheryl Somers

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