Academy for mindfulness and yoga

Yoga and Mindfulness Academic Classes and Undergraduate Minor

Academic classes in the history, philosophy, practice and instruction of yoga and mindfulness leading to teacher certification, as well as an undergraduate minor in "Yoga and Mindfulness."

Kristen Kaszeta

Functional Aging and Mindfulness for Seniors

A program integrating mindfulness, meditation and functional movement with seniors to support healthy aging and improve brain health by enhancing working memory and cognition.

Jeanne Barcelona
Mariane Fahlman

Kids Work It Out

A one-of-a-kind formula of yoga, mindfulness, social & emotional learning, trauma coping, and nutrition education implemented in elementary schools and community organizations to promote optimal health in mind, body, and spirit.

Nate McCaughtry

Self-Care for Parents

A unique combination of yoga, mindfulness, and small-group therapy for individuals dealing with the stress, anxiety and challenges of parenting.

Leah Ketcheson

Yoga Teacher Certification Programs

Yoga training sessions offered to acquire teacher certification, add teaching specialization credentials, or fulfill continuing education requirements.

Kristen Kaszeta

Teens Work it Out

A combination of mindful movement, mindful relaxation, and mindful thinking focused on empowering teens to improve physical and mental health, school engagement, and academic achievement.

Cheryl Somers

Warrior Life

Diverse yoga and mindfulness opportunities for residential and commuter students across Wayne State University to improve student health, stress management, and college-success.

Kristen Kaszeta

Warriors at Wayne

Yoga, mindfulness, and physical activity opportunities for WSU student veterans and active military members designed to improve relaxation response, stress reduction, mobility, and overall quality of life.

Kristen Kaszeta

Yoga in the Park

Weekly yoga and mindfulness sessions offered to the university and Detroit community by local teaching specialists each Wednesday at the Wayne State University Farmer's Market.

Heather Ladanyi

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