Fitness and human performance

10,000 Warriors

A comprehensive program of metabolic, physiological, body composition, and fitness assessment to evaluate, educate, and promote sustainable physical fitness and disease prevention throughout the entire Warrior community.

Tamara Hew-Butler

Athlete PROTECT Project

A program of physiological and psychological stress and recovery  assessments in elite athletes to enhance athletic performance, reduce injury risk, and prevent illness.

Tamara Hew-Butler

Enhancing Exercise Through Virtual Reality

Programs examining the use of virtual reality (VR) to stimulate activity and enhance the effects of exercise for individuals leading habitually  sedentary lives.

Linda Jimenez


A partnership between WSU and the Women's Intersport Network providing training to the leaders and coaches of girls' sport camps focused on fostering optimal relationships and engagement.

Whitney Moore

Healthy Hydration

Clinical examinations of the influences of hydration and dehydration on the functioning of the cardiovascular system.

Tamara Hew-Butler

Motivating Athletes Through Coaching

Programs investigating the influence of coaches' motivation, coaching style, and perceptions of role-modeling on athlete engagement, performance, and enjoyment.

Whitney Moore

Motivation, Empowerment and Exercise

Research in the Sport & Exercise Psychology Lab examining the impact of exercise instructors' teaching approaches on individuals' motivation, empowerment and persistence to exercise.

Whitney Moore

Steroid Use and Long-Term Health

A program of longitudinal research into the physical and psychological  impact and lingering side-effects of long-term anabolic-androgenic steroid use earlier in life.

Mario Vassallo

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