Nutrition and food systems

Best Food Forward

A school-based program that increases food access and security for families, and improves childhood health and school success throughout Michigan.

Rachael Dombrowski


A collaboration between the Detroit Health Department, United Way of Southeast Michigan, and Wayne State University to establish, support and monitor physical activity and healthy food and beverage policies and guidelines in early care and education centers and after-school programs.

Nate McCaughtry

Double Up Food Bucks

A statewide evaluation of Double Up Food Bucks, a healthy food incentive program that drives the purchasing of fresh fruits and vegetables among low income residents in over 200 Michigan stores and farmer's markets.

Rachael Dombrowski

Great Grocer Project

A program assessing the healthy food environments in grocery stores across Detroit and technical support for grocers to improve food access and economic vitality through enhanced relationships with community residents and increased sales and consumption of healthy foods.

Rachael Dombrowski

Mi Plato Mi Vida

A program assessing corner stores throughout Detroit to determine the current state of food access and identify strategies to improve healthy food access and nutrition in under-resourced communities.

Rachael Dombrowski

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