Center faculty

  • Jeanne Barcelona
    Associate Professor of Community Health
  • Erin Centeio
    Associate Professor at The University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa and CHCI Researcher
  • Tiffany Edgar
    Assistant Professor (Teaching) of Sports Administration
  • Andria Eisman
    Assistant Professor of Community Health
  • Mariane Fahlman
    Professor of Health and Physical Education
  • Holly Feen-Calligan
    Associate Professor, Coordinator of Art Therapy
  • Alex Garn
    Research Associate - Center for Health & Community Impact
  • Tamara Hew-Butler
    Associate Professor of Exercise Physiology
  • Linda Jimenez
    Associate Professor of Teaching and Interim Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
  • Kristen Kaszeta
    Associate Professor (Teaching) and Program Coordinator Lifestyle Fitness Activities
  • Leah Ketcheson
    Assistant Professor and Program Coordinator, Health and Physical Education
  • Sarah Kiperman
    Assistant Professor of Education Psychology
  • Noel Kulik
    Associate Professor of Community Health
  • Heather Ladanyi
    Research Associate and Manager, Kinesiology, Health and Sport Studies
  • Jeffrey Martin
    Professor of Sport and Exercise Psychology
  • Nate McCaughtry
    Professor and Assistant Dean of Division of Kinesiology, Health and Sport Studies; Director, Center for Health and Community Impact
  • Bo Shen
    Professor of Physical Education and Physical Activity Leadership
  • Erin Snapp
    Adjunct Faculty - Physical Education
  • Cheryl Somers
    Professor of Educational Psychology; Center for Health and Community Impact (CHCI)
  • Mario Vassallo
    Assistant Professor (Teaching) of Exercise and Sport Science
  • Laurel Whalen
    Assistant Professor (Clinical) and Program Coordinator of Sport Management and Administration