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The Next Gen Teachers and Next Gen STEM Teachers Summer Programs are a collaborative project between Wayne State University’s College of Education and the Michigan Education Association (MEA).  Both programs have been made possible thanks to generous funding from the National Education Association, General Motors, and the Community Foundation of Southeastern Michigan.

Next Gen Teachers logoNext Gen Teachers Summer Program


Monday, July 8, 2024, through Wednesday, July 17, 2024


On the main campus of Wayne State University

How to participate?

For students who meet the following criteria:

  • High school students currently completing their Freshman, Sophomore or Junior academic year.
  • Have an interest in becoming a certified PK-12 teacher.
  • Have earned at least a 2.5 grade point average.

Why participate?

  • Earn an $800.00 summer stipend for spending during and after the program.
  • Eligibility to win a Microsoft Surface Pro 9 Tablet and Keyboard.
  • WSU undergraduate application fee waiver.

Making the grade: Next Gen helps aspiring teachers prepare for college and careers

Gain experience by participating

  • Teacher preparation workshops.
  • College readiness workshops.
  • Cultural competency & urban education workshops.
  • WSU campus exploration.
  • City of Detroit excursions.
  • Activities with WSU College of Education faculty, academic advisors, success coaches, and current students.

Next Gen Stem Teachers LogoNext Gen STEM Teachers Summer Program

A brand new, unique, and immersive summer program funded by General Motors Company to produce highly competent, skilled, and passionate K-12 educators in STEM subjects!


Monday, July 22, 2024, through Wednesday, July 31, 2024


On the main campus of Wayne State University

How to participate?

For students who meet the following criteria:

  • Rising High School Juniors and Seniors.
  • 2.5 minimum GPA.
  • Interest in attending Wayne State University to become an educator.


Explore areas of:

  • Teachers' preparation
  • College readiness
  • STEM (Science, Technology and Mathematics)

Incentives for participants

  • Free to participate.
  • Receive an $800.00 stipend.
  • Eligibility to win a Microsoft Surface Pro 9 Tablet and Keyboard.
  • Eligibility to participate in year-round mentorship.
  • Take advantage of scholarships opportunities for teachers: 
    • WSU's Heart of Detroit Tuition Pledge
    • Michigan Future Educator Fellowship
    • TEACH Grant

Chelsea Plohg

This program was amazing. I loved that we had the opportunity to conduct an actual class and actually teach children. I love how much information Wayne gave us about teaching. I loved the creative freedom with our closing presentations.

This program was an amazing and life changing opportunity. I loved every single second of it, and I learned so much. I loved all of the staff and guest speakers who volunteered their time to help future educators. I hope that this program continues to help other students for many years to come.

Student participants summer '23

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

  • What incentives does the programs offer?
    • Participants will receive a $200 VISA Gift Card on the first day of the program for spending throughout their stay.
    • Participants who successfully complete the program (attend each day and complete both projects) will be awarded a $600 check on the final day at the reception.
    • Participants will be eligible to receive one of five Microsoft Surface Pro 9 Tablet and Keyboard being raffled away at the final day reception.
    • Participants will be eligible to participate in a year-round mentorship program during the following academic school year.
  • How does transportation work?
    • Participants will be responsible for transporting themselves to WSU’s Detroit campus on the first/last day of the program.
      • Participants are encouraged to get dropped off/picked up from campus on those days, so they won’t need to leave their car in a parking lot during the program.
    • Transportation throughout the program will be provided.
  • Is there campus housing during the programs?
    • Participants will stay (overnight) in the WSU Residence Halls for the duration of the program.
    • Participants will have between 1-3 roommates; however, each participant will have their own bedroom with a door and lock for privacy.
  • Are meals provided during the programs and what about food allergies?
    • Participants will be provided with three meals per day as well as snacks throughout the day for free.
    • Participants are encouraged to submit any food/allergies within the application; Next Gen Teachers staff will ensure that food allergies are accommodated for participant health and safety.
  • What programs are offered for student participants?
    • Participants will participate in three distinct workshop series: college readiness, teacher preparation, and cultural competency OR STEM.
      • Workshops will be facilitated by WSU faculty/staff, representatives from the Michigan Education Association (MEA), as well as by current K12 teachers from the local area.
    • Participants will be exposed to a variety of resources available to WSU students on campus, as well as excursions in the City of Detroit to various museums and attractions.
  • How does staffing work during the programs?
    • The Next Gen Teachers Summer Program will be staffed by WSU faculty/staff as well as current WSU students.
    • There will always be a one to eight ration of chaperones to participants at minimum throughout the program.
    • There will be adult Resident Assistants staying in the same floor/hallway in case any needs arise during the overnight hours.

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For more information regarding the Next Gen Teachers Summer Program, please contact:

Jeff Lisiecki,
Academic Services Officer II
Phone: 313-577-1601