Counseling Syllabi

The below syllabi is for the Wayne State University College of Education Counseling program, which has concentrations in: Clinical Mental Health (CMHC); School Counseling (SC); Clinical Rehabilitation Counseling (CRC), and; Art Therapy (AT). Some of the concentrations may be combined. Consult with the program coordinator for more information.

While reviewing syllabi for past courses can often be useful to students in exploring choices for future courses, it is important to note that course structure and content can change significantly from semester to semester and from instructor to instructor. A syllabus for a course offered previously might not accurately reflect course content and expectations for a course offered in the future, even though those courses could share a course number, title and instructor. In addition, students should understand that a syllabus is an instructor's summary plan for a course, but the instructor will retain flexibility to modify that plan as appropriate.

Students with questions about courses for which they are considering registering should consult with the counseling program and/or talk with the instructor of the course.

Course Number/Title Cr. Hrs.
CED 6005 Professional Counseling: Orientation 3
CED 6015 Diversity, Multicultural Competence, and Social Justice Advocacy for Human Service 3
CED 6025 Counseling Theories, Philosophies, and Techniques 3
CED 6045 Professional Counseling Laws and Ethics 3
CED 6055 Testing and Assessment for Counselors 3
CED 6065 Career Development and Employment Strategies 3
CED 6075 Trauma: Conceptualization and Treatment Planning 3
CED 6085 Sexuality 3
CED 6095 Introduction to Counseling Groups 3
CED 6096 Group Counseling Participation 1
CED 6105 Individual and Systemic Approaches to Treating Addictions 3
CED 7005 Counseling Skills 3
CED 7015 Counseling Practicum 4
CED 7020 Counseling Internship 1-12
CED 7105 Introduction to School Counseling, Consulting, and Collaboration 3
CED 7115 Advanced School Counseling 3
CED 7125 School Counseling: Postsecondary Planning and College Counseling 3
CED 7205 Foundations of Rehabilitation Counseling (Lecture)  
CED 7205 Foundations of Rehabilitation Counseling (Asynchronous)  
CED 7235 Rehabilitation Counseling Professional Roles 3
CED 7215 Medical Aspects of Disability 3
CED 7225 Psychosocial Aspects of Disability 3
CED 7305 Clinical Counseling Roles: Consultation, Collaboration, and Coordination 3