Welcome to the College of Education we're excited to help you reach your career goals and aspirations. Take some time and review your desired program's webpage to learn all about the advantages a Wayne State education can offer.

General application deadlines:

  • Fall (classes begin in September) - June 1
  • Winter (classes begin in January) Oct. 1
  • Spring/Summer (classes begin in May) Feb. 1
  • Graduate Permit to Register (does not carry with it permission to register as a degree applicant)

    Permit to Register admission may be granted on a one-term-only basis to applicants with incomplete applications for graduate admission, upon presentation of evidence of an earned bachelor’s with an acceptable GPA and with approval from the College of Education. For more information or approval, contact a graduate academic services officer at 313-577-1605.

  • Graduate Non-Degree Admission (applicants who wish to take graduate courses without formally applying for a specific certificate or degree program)

    An applicant who wishes to take graduate courses but does not wish to be in a degree program may request admission on a non-degree basis. The eligible applicant will be admitted to a particular college, but not to an individual major program. In most instances, a non-degree student may, with the department's approval, register for any courses for which they have the necessary preparation. Depending on previous degrees, applicants may request admission to one of the following graduate non-degree classifications:

    • Pre-master's
    • Post-master's
    • Post-doctoral

    For more information or approval, contact a graduate academic services officer at 313-577-1605.

  • Bridge Certificates (leads to state endorsement in teaching)

    Wayne State University’s College of Education has reinvented higher education for today's working learner who's looking to advance or transition their skills in specialized areas of education. The bridge certificate provides a convenient, efficient and timely way to earn your state-required content in high-needs areas, while working toward your master’s degree.

    Bridge Certificate Programs 

    Note: While all programs do lead to WSU certification, these do not lead to state endorsement. Additionally, required hours may vary based on individual transcripts and other factors. Specific program requirements should be confirmed with an academic advisor or faculty counselor.