Post-bachelor is an undergraduate status for students who have already completed a bachelor's degree and want to take classes without using the credit toward a graduate degree. The applicant for post-bachelor admission must present evidence of a degree earned from an accredited institution through a transcript or diploma.

Important Notices about Post-Bachelor Status

In Post-bachelor status courses are completed for undergraduate credit. Courses completed in Post-bachelor status may not be used in any graduate program at any time and the courses cannot later be changed from post-bachelor (undergraduate) to graduate.

Application Process

Applicants new to Wayne State University (individuals that did not complete a bachelor's degree at WSU or have not been admitted to a graduate program) are required to submit a Post Bachelor Application form and attach evidence of a degree earned from an accredited institution through a transcript or diploma. A $30.00 fee must accompany the submission of the application. Post-bachelor admission applications can be obtained from the Office of Undergraduate Admissions.

If you earned an undergraduate degree from Wayne State University or were previously admitted and registered in a Wayne State graduate program, please contact the Records Office (313) 577-3531 to be re-admitted to the university as a post-bachelor student in the College of Education.

General Post-Bachelor Deadline Dates

  • Fall (classes begin in September) - August 1
  • Winter (classes begin in January) - December 1
  • Spring/Sumer (classes begin in May) - April 1

Post-Bachelor Teacher Certification Program

In addition to gaining Post-Bachelor status with the university applicants interested in seeking an initial teaching certificate in post-bachelor status must complete an additional application.

Post-Bachelor Teacher Certification Deadline Dates

  • April 1
  • November 1

Apply for Post-Bachelor Teacher Certification

Regular Admission Requirements for the Post-Bachelor Teacher Certification Program

  • A minimum 2.50 cumulative grade point average from the institution where the baccalaureate degree was granted.
  • Have official test scores from a nationally normed test (ACT, SAT or GRE) on file with Wayne State University. Use the following codes to have official scores sent to WSU. (SAT-1898, ACT-2064, GRE-3631)
  • Verification of successful group work experience with children. Please be prepared to upload the group work form as a PDF as part of the application.
  • Criminal History Check: All students must submit a current (within the last 6 months) Criminal History Check.
  • Request a copy of your Transcript Evaluation.
  • Specific prerequisites or other special requirements of the curriculum area for which the student is applying. These can be found in the Post Bachelor/MAT Curriculum Guide.
  • Attendance at the mandatory Cornerstone Welcome upon acceptance.

Official Transcripts

If the baccalaureate degree was not granted by Wayne State University and/or you completed prerequisite courses at another institution you must request to have official transcripts from each college or university attended mailed to the following address:

Wayne State University
Attn: Post Bachelor Admission

469 Education
Detroit, Michigan 48202

A transcript is considered official only if it is sent directly from the institution where the work was completed and bears an official seal. Transcripts mailed to the student are not considered official, even if sealed in a separate envelope.