Criminal History Check

Information and instruction

1. Completing the disclosures and authorizations forms

Before you complete your first criminal history background check, you must sign two forms electronically: A disclosure form and an authorization form. First, you will select the reasons for completing the forms.  If you are unsure of the reason you can reach out to your academic advisor for guidance. The disclosure and authorization forms only need to be completed one time and does not need to be completed when doing a re-check. At the conclusion of the disclosure and authorization forms, you will be provided the link to the CastleBranch website. which you can access immediately. You may also access CastleBranch later by using the link sent to you via email.

*If you complete a CastleBranch check without first filling out the disclosure and authorization forms, we cannot use the check until those forms are submitted.

2. Completing your check on the castlebranch site

When you arrive at the CastleBranch website, through the unique Wayne State link provided to you there will be an option to choose your Package. Your package options will be:

  • Admission
  • Certification
  • Clinical courses
  • Clinical experiences

Within each package, there are two options:

  • I need to order my Full Background Check
  • Michigan Recheck Background Check

The full background check only needs to be completed once. If you are unsure of which package to select, please consult your advisor.

*Make sure to take note of your log in email and password for the CastleBranch site as you could need if for continued background checks in the future.

Begin your Criminal History Check

Criminal history check FAQs

Criminal History Checks are required under the following legislation and policy: