Tamara Hew-Butler, associate professor of Exercise & Sports Science in the College of Education, quoted in The Seattle Times, “Stay hydrated in Seattle’s heat wave with these foods”

The Seattle Times, 7/26
Stay hydrated in Seattle’s heat wave with these foods
By Hannah Seo

With a summer of record-breaking heat upon us, hydration is more important than ever. If you are not taking in enough fluid to produce adequate sweat on a hot day, you may be more vulnerable to heat stroke. Dehydration can be caused by extreme heat, but it can also exacerbate other heat-related conditions such as heat cramps. So taking in liquids is crucial, but hydration can go beyond simply drinking water. “We think that we need to drink a lot of water all the time because we hear that all the time,” said Tamara Hew-Butler, a sports medicine scientist at Wayne State University who specializes in fluid balance. “You gotta drink your eight glasses – hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.” But any food or drink that has fluid content, including fresh fruits and vegetables, will be hydrating. “Your body doesn’t care where hydration comes from, it just needs fluid,” she said. 


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