Strategic plan


The College of Education traces its roots to teacher preparation and professional development programs established by the City of Detroit's Board of Education in 1868.  A Master of Education Degree program was established early in the 1930's and a Doctor of Education degree program in the mid 1940's. In the early 1920's the name of the program was changed to Detroit Teacher's College, and still later to the College of Education at Wayne University (1934), and finally, to the College of Education at Wayne State University in 1956.

The College of Education has provided Michigan with teachers, principals, superintendents, counselors, educational psychologists, kinesiologists, sports administrators, school and community health educators and experts in instructional design and in educational evaluation & research design. These programs are currently organized under four divisions within the College: the Division of Teacher Education, the Division of Kinesiology, Health & Sports Studies, the Division of Administrative and Organizational Studies, and the division of Theoretical and Behavioral Foundations. The College has a mixture of undergraduate and graduate programs that prepare students for both applied and research occupations.