Wayne State University College of Education welcomes five new faculty members

This fall, the Wayne State University College of Education welcomed five new faculty members. All of them shared their thoughts about what they are most looking forward to this semester and why they chose Wayne State, in addition to describing some of their duties, research interests and hobbies. Read on to get acquainted with them.

Lucetry Dalton, Assistant Professor of Teaching

photo of Lucetry Dalton
Lucetry Dalton

Lucetry Dalton is an assistant professor of teaching in educational psychology, director of clinical training for the master’s program in school and community psychology, and co-director of the Mental Health and Wellness Clinic. She instructs graduate courses in systems in psychotherapy, child and adolescent psychopathology, and clinical supervision/training. This semester, she is most looking forward to teaching EDP 7610/Child and Adolescent Psychopathology and EDP 7190/Couples Therapy.

Dalton appreciates the diversity of the Wayne State faculty and student body and is looking forward to training the next generation of mental health practitioners. She said, “I am excited about helping lead the college’s Mental Health and Wellness Clinic — a space for student therapists in training to strengthen their clinical skills and members of the general community to receive free mental health services — because it provides me with the opportunity to help prepare future psychologists.”

A native of Pontiac, Michigan, Dalton has several hobbies. She enjoys watching and participating in various sports, particularly volleyball, which she plays in an adult league. Dalton also likes to participate in community service activities, travel, cook, try new restaurants, spending quality time with her fiancé, friends, and family. 

Rachael Evans, Assistant Professor of Teaching

photo of Rachel Evans
Rachel Evans

Rachael Evans is assistant professor of teaching in educational psychology and interim program director of the school and community psychology program. She manages daily operations of the program and school internship placements and supervision. Evans also teaches courses in school and community psychology and counselor education. This fall, she is teaching CED 6055/Testing and Assessment, EDP 8318/Integrated Assessment, and EDP 8360/Internship Supervision.

As an alumna of the college, she is excited to be a part of the Wayne State community. She said, “I look forward to supporting and enhancing a program that is near and dear to me and to being a faculty member who strives to enhance the lives of students via knowledge and rich experiences. I am also vested in the Metro Detroit community and its people. I desire to assist, support, and advocate for a university and community that strongly supported my growth in previous years.”

Although she is not involved in research at this time, Evans’s research interests include cultural diversity, disabilities and inclusion practices, and special education policies and practice. Her hobbies include creating and solving puzzles, traveling and seeking out new ways to enjoy arts and entertainment.

Julie Moreno, Assistant Professor of Teaching

photo of Julie Moreno
Julie Moreno

Julie Moreno is assistant professor of teaching in counseling and art therapy. She is teaching AT 6320/Intro to Art Therapy and Ethics, AT 7890/Art Therapy Internship, CED 7015/Counseling Practicum, and CED 7305/Clinical Counseling Roles and Consultation, Collaboration and Coordination this fall. Moreno, who is also acting as art therapy clinical program facilitator, said, “I am very excited to be teaching in both the art therapy and counseling programs, and I am looking forward to working with some incredibly competent colleagues and extremely adept students.”

Moreno’s current research interest is related to altered identity with acquired injuries and illness in the pediatric population and their caregivers. Her part-time role as an art therapy/counselor in Physical Medicine Rehabilitation at the Michigan Medicine Pediatric Rehabilitation Center provides her with the opportunity to conduct research with the populations that she works, including teens with complex pain and their caregivers, children, and teens in pediatric neuro rehabilitation, and preschoolers with autism.

An adjunct professor at Wayne State for the past 10 years, Moreno enjoys working with the other faculty and students in the art therapy and counseling programs because she has the potential to positively impact so many lives. Working at a university that excels in and supports research is also an important factor. Outside of work, Moreno enjoys drawing, painting, trail running, playing flute, and spending time with her family.

photo of Emily Noschese
Emily Noschese

Emily Noschese, Assistant Professor

Emily Noschese is an assistant professor of bilingual and bicultural education. This fall, she is teaching ASE 3030/American Sign Language III and working on establishing an American Sign Language and deaf studies program.

Noschese said is excited about her new role at Wayne State. "I love the team I work with, and I am looking forward to connecting with students and sharing my deaf culture.”

Noschese's research interests include sign language documentation, bilingual (ASL/English) education, and sign language linguistics  She enjoys sewing, baking, and reading.

Rema Reynolds Vassar, Professor

photo of Rema Reynolds Vassar
Rema Reynolds Vassar

Rema Reynolds Vassar is a professor of educational leadership and policy studies. She serves as special advisor to the Office of the Provost on Black student success in K-12 education and public schools in Detroit. Her research is focused on educators who serve Black students and families, and her interests include parent-school partnerships; race, gender, and class implications in schools; power of policy and practice on student achievement and outcomes; and equity, justice, access, and inclusion for minoritized communities. This semester, she is most looking forward to collaborating with her new colleagues.

For Vassar, working at Wayne State is her dream job. She said, “I am dedicated to Detroit, her communities, and her prominence, and I am excited to drive minutes from my home to collaborate with smart colleagues devoted to the collective success of Detroit's school communities. My goal is to work with Detroit's families, students, educators, and researchers to transform education in the city.”

Vassar enjoys traveling, watching good movies, singing off-key at concerts, and loving folks — especially her family — through action.

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