Alternative admission, reinstatement, and phoenix re-entry policy

Who should apply for alternative admissions, reinstatement, or phoenix re-entry?

Student who falls into any of the following categories may apply for alternative admission, reinstatement, or phoenix re-entry.

Alternative admissions

  1. Students enrolled in other Wayne State programs who currently have less than the minimum GPA for their program of interest in College of Education.
  2. Students enrolled in the College of Education who want to change their major within the College of Education and are below the GPA requirement for the new major.

Phoenix re-entry (second start)

  1. Students last enrolled in the College of Education who are below the GPA requirement for their program and have not attended in more than three years.
  2. Students previously enrolled in another College at Wayne State University wishing to join the College of Education, who have not attended Wayne State in three or more years and have a GPA which does not qualify for their intended College of Education program.


  1. Students excluded in the past may appeal for reinstatement to the College of Education after not attending Wayne State for more than one year.
  2. Students last enrolled in the College of Education who have the minimum GPA for their program but have not attended in more than five years.

Program GPA requirements

Programs requiring a 2.5 minimum GPA:

    • Early and Elementary Education
    • Health and Physical Education Teaching
    • Secondary Education
    • Special Education

Programs requiring a 2.0 minimum GPA:

    • Community Health
    • Exercise and Sport Science
    • Sport Management

Note: Not all applicants will be admitted or reinstated. Applications for alternative admission, reinstatement, or phoenix re-entry are considered on an individual basis and reviewed by a committee based on academic criteria and merit with the final decision resting with the Assistant Dean of Academic Services.

Student requirements

  1. Ensure their Wayne State Access ID is activated, and that you have access to Academica. For help, visit
  2. Ensure that you have sent your official transcripts to Wayne State for any coursework completed at another institution during your time away from Wayne State University.
  3. Clear any/all financial holds through the Office of the University Bursar.
  4. Phoenix re-entry (Second start) candidates will need to review the terms.
  5. Fill out the Alternative Admission & Reinstatement Application.

Application requirement

For your application to be reviewed, please submit the following documentation:

  1. Personal Statement (must be type) addressing the following:
    1. What circumstances impacted your academic performance or progress?
    2. How have these past circumstances changed or been resolved?
    3. What will you do differently to ensure your future academic success and progress?
  2. Any other documentation you would like the committee to review to decide (i.e., documentation of completion of referral activities in Academic Success Center (ASC) and /or Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS), Career Services, completion of web-based activities from the University Advising Center, medical reports, court documentation, etc.).
  3. Unofficial academic transcript(s) from all institutions/colleges attended.
  4. If pursuing a new major, an explanation highlighting the reasons you are pursuing that new major.

Apply for Alternative Admissions, Reinstatement, or Phoenix Re-Entry

Appeal decision timeline

  • Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis, however if submitting an appeal within one month before the start of any given semester, there is no guarantee a decision will be made in time for registration for that semester.

If you have any questions about this process, please contact an advisor.