Doctoral Program Process - Ed.D.

Use the below as a guide to assist with the following: when to submit forms, the order in which to submit forms, the forms that need submission together and the location of forms online.

Doctor of Education (Ed.D.)

Ed.D. Plan of Work

Submission of a Plan of Work for approval by the College of Education before completing your first 18 hours of coursework.

Ed.D. Transfer of Credit

If you are transferring graduate credits from another college or university, submit an Ed.D. Transfer of Credit form and transcript with your Plan of Work.

Qualifying Examination Registration

Complete the form to register to take your Final Qualifying Exam, which is required near or at the end of your program coursework.

Dissertation Prospectus and Research

Submit all forms listed below.

Ed.D. Candidacy

Ed.D. students achieve candidacy after successful completion of all qualifying examinations and an approved Dissertation Prospectus.

Final Defense

Submit forms listed below at least two weeks before your defense date.

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Deborah Gibson
Academic Services Officer III and Graduate Officer