CAEP annual reporting measures

In 2017 the following initial teacher preparation programs were granted accreditation status by the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP): 

Bachelor with elementary certificate
Bachelor with K-12 certificate
Bachelor with secondary certificate
Master of Arts in Teaching with elementary certificate
Master of Arts in Teaching with K-12 certificate
Master of Arts in Teaching with secondary certificate
Post-Baccalaureate with elementary certificate
Post-Baccalaureate with K-12 certificate
Post-Baccalaureate with secondary certificate

The College of Education reports annually to CAEP as part of its commitment to continuous programmatic improvement. As part of this annual report, four measures are shared publicly with stakeholders. These measures and links to supporting evidence are as follows:

Accountability measures

Initial certification program

Some initial certification courses serve as data collection points Key assessments have been designed so that the related processes and products serve as evidence of candidates' professional growth in knowledge, performance, and dispositions across programs. Faculty and other stakeholders analyze collected data in ongoing fashion to improve course experiences and programs. Assessment guidelines and rubrics are available to candidates enrolled in data collection point courses at the start of the semester. 

Advanced program