Master of Arts (M.A.)

The M.A. in Program Evaluation aims to prepare a diverse body of evaluation practitioners to positively impact local and global communities by providing high quality, effective, and holistic program evaluations in a manner that is ethical and attendant to the diverse needs and demands of stakeholders in an organization through inclusive and rigorous coursework and a practicum.

Important dates

  • Students start the program Fall semester


See Wayne State University Graduate School website for information about admission. An undergraduate GPA of 3.0 is required for admission. All undergraduate majors are acceptable.

Course Requirements

The M.A. requires a minimum of 33 credits. This includes courses in both quantitative and/or qualitative methodology. Students take eights credits in Learning Design & Technology courses.


Semester I

Courses Cr. Hrs.
Total 7
EER 7410 Introduction to Program Evaluation 1
EER 7420 Culturally Responsive Program Evaluation 3
EER 7610 Evaluation and Measurement 3

Semester II

Courses Cr. Hrs.
Total 9
EER 7430 Organizational Theory for Evaluation 3
EER 7870 Qualitative Research I: Introduction 3
EER 7640 Fundamentals of Quantitative Research 3

Semester III

Courses Cr. Hrs.
Total 7
EER 8700 Advanced Qualitative Program Evaluation 3
LDT 7145 Needs Assessment and Analysis 4

Semester IV

Courses Cr. Hrs.
Total 7
EER 8720 Advanced Quantitative Program Evaluation 3
LDT 7150 Evaluation of Learning and Performance 4

Semester V

Courses Cr. Hrs.
Total 3
EER 8910 Practicum in Evaluation 3

Plan of Work

A Plan of Work must be completed in consultation with the student's advisor and submitted to the College of Education Academic Services Graduate Office, Room 489 Education Building, prior to completing six credits. The student attains the status of candidacy after completing nine credits.


Jasmine Ulmer, Ph.D.
Associate professor


Katharine Johnson
Office support administrator

Administrative & Organizational Studies
Phone: 313-577-1805