Doctorate programs

Counseling Education (Ed.D)(Ph.D)


This program is currently under an admissions moratorium and is not taking applications. We are unsure at this time when this program may resume, but if there are questions in the meantime, please refer to the faculty contact below.

Students’ programs culminate in applied clinical experience in our state-of-the-art, on-site training clinic and in off-campus internships. The counseling faculty believes that our students are the foundation of our program, and thus, we strive to offer top quality, hands-on training to prepare the most competent and ethical professional counselors. With an emphasis on theory, research and evidence-based practices, the counseling education Ph.D. and Ed.D. prepares the practitioner-scholar to advance the practice of counseling and improve mental health recovery and wellness through research and reflective practice.

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Counseling Psychology (Ph.D.)

With an emphasis on theory, research and evidence-based practices, the Counseling Psychology Ph.D. prepares the scholar-practitioner to advance the practice of psychology and improve mental health recovery and wellness through research and reflective practice. Faculty at Wayne State University emphasize a developmental approach to understanding individuals, youth, couples and families within the larger ecological contexts. The Counseling and School Psychology Clinic in the College of Education is our on-campus training clinic and serves WSU students, their families and the larger Detroit community.

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Educational Evaluation and Research (Ed.D.)(Ph.D.)

The Doctor of Education in Educational Evaluation and Research (EER) is considered the practitioner’s highest degree. The Ed.D. dissertation focuses on field studies or applied research, such as the determination of best practices.

The EER Doctor of Philosophy dissertation makes an original contribution to the science of evaluation and research. Therefore, it conforms to the rigors of scientific inquiry on theoretical issues, with empirical demonstrations for illustrative purposes.

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Educational Leadership (Ed.D.)

The Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) program in Educational Leadership & Policy Studies (ELPS), with provisions for educational leadership, including special education administration and higher education, is designed for a person who plans to work in the field primarily as a practitioner; interested in educational research in settings such as a school district or educational institution; interested in developing continued leadership in education; and policy-making roles.

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Educational Leadership and Policy Studies (Ph.D.)

The Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) program in Educational Leadership & Policy Studies (ELPS) (EPS), with provisions for educational leadership, including special education administration, is designed for a person who is anticipating an academic career or in an area of practice which demands theoretical research expertise; who is interested in theory and conceptual analysis; and is interested in research which has potential for advancing education theory and practice.

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Educational Psychology (Ph.D.)

This program is targeted to those who are oriented toward careers in college/university teaching, research, instructional practices and data management (e.g., in school systems, corporations, etc.). The program subscribes to the scientist-practitioner model and has a strong emphasis on theory, research and evidence-based practices. The study of educational psychology includes in-depth coverage of psychology and education, especially human development, motivation, learning processes and human diversity. Research design, methodology and analyses are also critical parts of this program. With a strong foundation in the theoretical and empirical research literature in this combination of areas, and skills in conducting research and evaluation in general, students are prepared for a number of careers and in a variety of settings, as noted above. This program does not lead to certification as a school psychologist or licensing as a Licensed Psychologist in the professional practice of psychology.

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Educational Studies (Ph.D.)

The doctoral program in Educational Studies is committed to preparing a new generation of researchers, educators and leaders by engaging them in critical inquiry of educational issues and needs germane to large cities of the 21st century. 


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Kinesiology (Ph.D.)

The Ph.D. in Kinesiology is a program for individuals who would like to further their studies and expertise in human movement and physical activity. Students will develop scholarly and professional skills through course work, research projects, tailored mentoring with faculty advisors, participation in grant writing, presenting at scientific conferences, and journal publishing.

Each concentration gives students the knowledge, skills and experience to succeed as a researcher and educator in higher education or related careers.

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Learning Design and Technology (Ph.D.)

Pursue your passion as a doctoral student in learning design and technology. You will deepen your understanding of the history and theoretical foundations of instructional design, needs assessment, and evaluation, while exploring quantitative and qualitative research methods. You will use technology to develop solutions to learning and performance challenges and demonstrate your ability to apply your new knowledge in a variety of contexts. Courses will help you strengthen your skills in communication, collaboration, critical thinking, analysis, project supervision, and prepare you to complete your own research project.

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