Graduate Certificate in elementary mathematics specialist: introductory and advanced

The Elementary Math Specialist Certificate program will prepare you to improve mathematics teaching and learning in Michigan schools. Further your career by training for a position as a mathematics coach, teacher leader, platoon or department chair, mathematics program administrator or supervisor, or elementary math teacher.

Build your content knowledge, expand your teaching methods and strengthen your leadership skills through examination of topics and trends in mathematics education. Coursework will focus on the practical application of theories and integration of technology in the classroom to improve student learning.

Wayne State is the only institution in Michigan that offers this program. Classes are available in traditional and hybrid formats during the fall, winter and spring/summer semesters. Nine credits may be applied towards a master’s.


A moratorium is effective Spring/Summer 2023 for the elementary mathematics and specialist: introductory and advanced graduate certificates through May 31, 2027.


Candidates must hold a valid teaching certificate.

The Advanced Elementary Mathematics Specialist certificate can only be earned after obtaining the Elementary Mathematics Specialist certificate.

Course Requirements

Elementary Mathematics Introductory (12 credits)

Courses (Required)

Courses Cr. Hrs.
MAE 6150 Special Topics: Teacher Learning and Professional Development in Mathematics Education 1-6
MAE 6400 Elementary School: Mathematics Curriculum and Assessment 3

Electives (Take at least two of the courses below)

Courses Cr. Hrs.
MAE 6050 Teaching Mathematics in the Middle Grades 3
MAE 6450 Integrating Literature and Mathematics in the Elementary School 3
MAE 7150 Advanced Studies in Teaching Discrete Mathematics 3
MAE 7200 Advanced Studies in Teaching Statistics and Probability 3
MAE 7250 Advanced Studies in Teaching Algebra 3
MAE 7300 Advanced Studies in Teaching Geometry 3
MAT 5120 Abstract Algebra for Middle School Teachers 3
MAT 5130 Problem Solving for Middle School Teachers 3
MAT 5180 Geometry for Middle School Teachers 3
MAT 5190 Number Theory for Middle School Teachers 3

Elementary Mathematics Advanced (12 credits)

Courses (Required)

Courses Cr. Hrs.
MAE 7400 Seminar in Mathematics Education 3

Electives (Take at least three from below that have not been taken)

Courses Cr. Hrs.
CED 6700 The Role of the Teacher in Guidance 2
EDA 7600 The Structure of American Education 2
EDA 7660 Administrative Leadership in School-Community Relations and Public Relations 3
EDA 8630 Supervision 4
EDA 8650 Staff Development and School Improvement 2-6
LDT 6140 Designing Web Tools for the Classroom 4
LDT 6230 Internet in the Classroom 4
LDT 7220 Multimedia for Instruction 4
LDT 7230 Advanced Multimedia for Instruction 4
MAE 8400 Technology in Mathematics Learning and Teaching 3
MAE 8550 Theoretical Perspectives on Learning Mathematics 3


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Accreditation means that a program meets the standards set by the academic and professional community. It’s a seal of approval indicating that the program prepares new educators to teach effectively.


Jennifer Lewis, Ph.D.
Professor and program coordinator

Teacher Education Division

Phone: 313-577-0902


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