Aja Reynolds, assistant professor of Urban Education & Critical Race Studies in the College of Education wrote for The Conversation, “Prom send-offs celebrate Black girls and their communities”

The Conversation, 5/19
Prom send-offs celebrate Black girls and their communities
By Aja D. Reynolds

Aja D. Reynolds, assistant professor of education, wrote a piece for The Conversation. “As a researcher of Black girlhood, I interviewed and attended prom send-offs for both Danielle Nolen, 20, who attended prom in 2019, and Tonayvia Turner, 19, who attended prom in 2020 amid COVID-19 restrictions. My purpose was to learn more about what these occasions represent – both for the girls and for their communities. In my research, I didn’t find much – if anything – that discussed the kinds of prom send-offs that I observed in Chicago.


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