Erika Bocknek, associate professor of Educational Psychology in the College of Education, quoted in Seen Magazine, “7 tips to stay healthy over the holidays.”

Seen Magazine, 11/17
7 tips to stay healthy over the holidays
By Jaclyn Trop

It’s the most wonderful time of the year – and, perhaps, the most stressful. For some reason, the impending holidays may only conjure anticipation of family, fun, and good fun, but for others, it also brings trepidation about staying healthy when routines are upended, treats beckon around every corner, and the pandemic is still around. Local experts shared their best tips on juggling the season’s demands while keeping your mental and physical health intact. “Be thoughtful about how you spend your time and where you put your energy,” said Erika Bocknek, a professor of counseling psychology at Wayne State University. “Meaningful interactions are more important than box-checking…Try not to let your investment in the holidays detract from being a healthy, whole person.” 


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