Kathryn Roberts, interim assistant dean and professor in the division of Teacher Education College of Education, publishes with Kristy Brugar in Edutopia, “Using inquiry to channel the natural curiosity of all students”

Edutopia, 6/14
Using inquiry to channel the natural curiosity of all students
By Kathryn Roberts and Kristy Brugar 

Kids wonder about everything. If you’re an elementary school teacher, you undoubtedly fielded questions today such as “What’s for lunch?” and “How are caterpillars insects if they have so many legs?” Our students are naturally inquisitive and built for inquiry. Using the inquiry method is engaging and full of opportunities. In addition to being developmentally appropriate, inquiry is at the heart of social studies standards in many states. Although teachers sometimes hesitate before implementing inquiry in their classrooms, inquiry is easy to implement in elementary school social studies classrooms. 


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