Undergraduate Minor in sport management

The sport management minor is designed to give students majoring in other disciplines an opportunity to hone knowledge and skills specific to the business of sport. Students will select courses of interest, including options in sport marketing, management, ethics, sociology and administration. The sport management minor will provide students with the academic foundation to enhance their marketability for highly competitive careers in the sports industry.


To be eligible to apply for regular admission to the SAM minor, students must have a minimum overall grade point average of 2.5.

Course Requirements

Required courses (6 credit hours)

Courses Cr. Hrs. Offered
Total 6  
SAM 2100 Foundations of Sport Management 3 W
SAM 3020 Sociology of Sport 3 F/W

Required courses (select 1 3 credits)

Courses Cr. Hrs. Offered
Total 3  
SAM 2020 History of Sport 3 W
SAM 3010 Ethics in Sport 3 F/W
SAM 4020 Sport Governance 3 F

Note: The courses selected above cannot be counted in the nine credits of electives below

Electives (select at least 9 credits/three courses)

Courses Cr. Hrs. Offered
Total Electives Requirements 9  
SAM 2020 History of Sport 3 W
SAM 3010 Ethics in Sport 3 W
SAM 3030 Sports Promotion 3  
SAM 4020 Sport Governance 3 F
SAM 4030 Sport Finance 3 W
SAM 4040 Sport Communication (*WI in major) 3 W
SAM 5000 Professional Practicum (prereq: SAM 2100) 3 F
SAM 5510 Principles of Coaching 3 F/S
KIN 5700 Sport Leadership 3 W
SAM 6300 Interscholastic Athletic Directing 3 W
SAM 6310 Collegiate Athletic Administration 3 SS
SAM 6320 Youth Sports and Recreation 3 SS
SAM 6530 Professional Sport Administration 3 W
SAM 6531 Sport Event Management 3 SS
SAM 6560 Media Design and Communication 3 SS
SAM 6570 Sports Marketing (prereq: SAM 2100) 3 F
KIN 5520 Sport Psychology 3 F/W

Note: The 18 credit hours completed for a minor in Sport Management must have a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or better, with no grade below "C."

Required and electives courses

Courses Cr. Hrs.
Total Minor Requirements 18
Required courses subtotal 9
Electives subtotal 9



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