Undergraduate Minor in community health

The minor in Community Health (CH) Education is for undergraduate students majoring in other disciplines. The minor provides an excellent opportunity for students to broaden their knowledge of the social and behavioral aspects of health promotion and policy. In addition, the program enhances career prospects and establishes a solid base for pursuing a Master of Science in Community Health.


To be eligible to apply for the CH Minor, students must have a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.5.

Course Requirements

The Community Health Minor consists of six courses, totaling eighteen credit hours. All coursework must be completed in accordance with the academic procedures of the College of Education and the University governing undergraduate scholarship and degrees. All major, minor, and education courses, must be completed with grades of 'C' or better and an overall 2.5 grade point average, to meet College graduation requirements.

Required Courses (12 credit hours)

Courses Cr. Hrs. Offered
HE 1010 Foundations of Health and Health Promotion 3 Yearly
HE 2320 Advancing Policy in Community Health Education 3 Every other year
HE 4010 Foundations of Community Health Program Planning 3 F
HE 6501 Measurement and Evaluation in Community Health Education 3 Every other year
Total 12  

Electives (select two of the following courses)

 Courses Cr. Hrs. Offered
HE 2310 Dynamics of Personal Health 3 F,W,S
HE 3330 Methods in Teaching Health 3-4 F
HE 3344 Methods and Materials in Community Health Education 3 Every other year
HE 3440 Nutrition and Health Education 3 F,W
HE 6310 Reproductive Health Education 3 F
HE 6320 Mental Health and Substance Abuse 3 F,W
HE 6330 Health Behavior Change 3 Every other year
ANT 3400 Introduction to Medical Anthropology 3 Intermittently
ANT 5240 Cross Cultural Study of Gender 3 Intermittently
ANT 5400 Anthropology of Health and Illness 3 Every other year
COM 3400 Theories of Communication 3 F,W,S
COM 4270 Group Communication  3 Every other year
COM 5130 Communication and Social Marketing 3 F,S
COM 5320 Health Communication 3 Every other year
COM 5360 Gender and Communication 3 Every other year
DR 6120 Human Diversity and Human Conflict 3 W
EDP 5450 Child Psychology 2-3 F,W,S
EDP 5480 Adolescent Psychology 2-3 F,W,S
EER 4501 Quantitative and Qualitative Research, Measurement, and Program Evaluation 3 F,W
GSW 2700 Social Science Perspectives on Gender, Sexuality, and Women 3 F,W
GSW/AFS 5110 Black Women in America 3 Yearly
GSW 5200 Feminist, Gender, and Queer Theory 3 Yearly
HIS 2530/PCS 2050/PS 2550/SOC 2050 The Study of Non-Violence 3 F,W,S
KHS 6540 Workshop in Kinesiology, Health and Sport Studies 1-3 S
KIN 3540 Cultural Foundations of Kinesiology 3 F,W,S
KIN 5360 Senior Research Project  1-5 F,W,S
KIN 5520 Sport Psychology 3 F,W
KIN 5523 Physical Activity and Exercise Psychology 3 F,W
MGT 2530 Management of Organizational Behavior 3 F,W,S
NFS 2030 Nutrition and Health 3 F,W,S
NFS 3230 Human Nutrition 3-4 F,W,S
NFS 3270 Eating Disorders 3 W
NFS 5220 Community Nutrition 2 F,S
NUR 4800 Transcultural Health Through the Life Cycle 3 F,S
PH 2100 Introduction to Public Health 3 F,W,S
PH 3100 Social and Behavioral Aspects of Public Health 3 F,W,S
PH 3200 Introduction to Biostatistics 4 F,W,S
PH 3300 Epidemiology  4 F,W,S
PH 3600 Special Topics in Public Health 3 Intermittently
PH 4600 Special Topics in Health Disparities 3 Intermittently
PH 4900 Directed Study in Public Health 1-3 F,W,S
PHI 1110 Ethical Issues in Health Care 3 Yearly
PSY 2020 Research Methods In Psychology 4 F,W,S
PSY 2030 Statistical Methods in Psychology 4 F,W,S
PSY 2100 Psychology and the Workplace 3 F,W,S
PSY 2300 Psychology of Everyday Living 4 F,W,S
PSY 2400 Developmental Psychology 4 F,W,S
PSY 2600 Psychology of Social Behavior 4 F,W,S
PSY 3060 Psychology of Learning and Memory: Fundamental Processes 3 F,W
PSY 3200 Motivation, Feeling and Emotion 3 Intermittently
PSY 3250 Psychology of Gender 3 F,W,S
PSY 3310 Abnormal Psychology 4 F,W,S
PSY 3380 Human Sexuality 3 F,W,S
PSY 3430 Infant Development 3 Yearly
PSY 3480 Parent-Child Interaction Across the Lifespan 3 Yearly
PSY 3490 Psychology of Adult Development and Aging 3 Intermittently
SOC 3200 Methods of Social Research 3 F,W,S
SOC 3440 American Medicine in the Twentieth Century 3 W
SOC 3710 Learning About Your Community Through Research 3 F
SOC 5360 Introduction to Medical Sociology 3 Yearly
SOC 6750 Sociology of Urban Health 3 Intermittently
F = Fall, W = Winter, S = Spring/Summer


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