EER Dissertations

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  • Gilkey, Stephanie

    Rating Nonacademic Professionalism Attributes and Behaviors of Physician Assistant Students

  • 2022

  • Almohaimeed, Mohammed

    Reliability and Validity Evidence for an Arabic-Version of Mathematics Self-Efficacy and Anxiety Questionnaire (MSEAQ) Among University Students in Saudi Arabia

  • Viselli, Claudia

    The Efficacy of Qualitative Techniques Used Within After-School Programs

  • 2021

  • Attar, Gabriel

    Ranking Selected R1 University Doctoral Quantitative Methodology Programs

  • Fadeyi, Opeoluwa B.

    Robustness and Comparative Statistical Power of the Repeated Measures Anova and Friedman Test with Real Data

  • Gietzen, Lindsay

    The Use of Standardized End of Rotation Examinations in Graduate Physician Assistant Programs

  • Kerzabi, Lotfi

    A Maximum Test of Three Non-Parametric Two-Sample Procedures for Ordinal Data

  • Moxley, Kyle

    A Review of Sample Size and Design Efficacy in Crossover Design in Peer-Reviewed Psychology Research

  • 2020

  • Alruwaili, Wafa

    Reliability of an Arabic Version of the Academic Motivation Scale (AMS) on Students at Al Jouf University

  • Finney, Tia

    Confirmative Evaluation: A New CIPP Model

  • Maher, Sara

    Pilot Evaluation of the Computer-Based Assessment of Non-Cognitive Attributes of Health Care Professionals (CANA-HP)

  • Saalman, Dustin

    Advancing Objectives-Oriented Evaluation with Participatory Evaluation Methodology - A Mixed Methods Study

  • 2019

  • Bosley, Tiana

    Comparative Power of the Friedman, Neave and Worthington Match, Skillings-Mack, Trimmed Means Repeated Measures Anova, and Bootstrap Trimmed Means Repeated Measures Anova Tests

  • Carroll, Kevin

    Analysis of Software Usage by an R1 University's Education Faculty, Administrators, and Academic Staff

  • Farooqi, Ahmad

    A Comparative Study of Kendall-Theil Sen Siegel vs Quantile Regression with Outliers

  • Gardner, Darryl

    Beyond the Four Levels: An Evaluation Model for Growth and Sustainability

  • Lewis, Christine

    Reliability and Validity of an Evaluation Capacity Assessment Instrument for Principals of Public Schools in Michigan and the Current Distribution of Evaluation Capacity by Poverty Concentration

  • Talley, Susan

    Reporting Number Needed to Treat in Clinical Trails Published in Physical Therapy Specific Literature 1989-2018

  • 2018

  • Harden, Susan

    Comparison of Readability Indices with Grades 1-5 Narrative and Expository Texts

  • Kavanagh, Maurice

    The Effect of Number of Imputations on Parameter Estimates in Multiple Imputation with Small Sample Sizes

  • King, Mona

    A Comparison of Discriminant Functional Analysis and Logistic Regression By Categorizing the Incarceratred Mentally Ill

  • Kleinhans, Kimberly

    The Logic Model, Participatory Evaluation, and Out of School Art Programs

  • Macon, Ingrid

    Reliability and Predictive Validity of the Adult High School Completion Project-Based Learning Instrument

  • 2017

  • Alamri, Mona

    Reliability and Validity of an Arabic Version of the Self-Determination Assessment-Internet (SDA-i)

  • Almoied, Ayed

    Robustness and Comparative Power of Welch-Aspin, Alexander-Govern and Yuen Tests Under Non-Normality and Variance Heteroscedasticity

  • 2016

  • Bloodsaw, Yolanda E.

    Principals' Perceptions of Teacher-Student Interactions in Diversifying Suburban Middle Schools

  • Booker, Zsa-Zsa

    A New Logic Model for Change

  • Child, Holly Ann

    Distribution-Free Trends Test to Determine the Construct Validity of an Anti-Social Criminal Attitudes Scale

  • Floyd, Natosha N.

    Reliability and Validity of Michigan School Libraries for the 21st Century Measurement Benchmarks

  • Grace, Tammy A.

    The Impact of Multiple Imputation on the Type II Error Rate of the T Test

  • Injic, Zora

    Development of the Acute Decompensated Heart Failure Risk Model for Emergency Room Resident Training

  • King-Jimenez, Andrea

    An Evaluation of the Predictors of Placement in Permanent Supportive Housing in the Detroit Metropolitan Communities

  • Li, Dong

    Robustness and Power of the Student t, Welch-Aspin, Yuen, Tukey Quick, Haga Tests

  • Moen, Elizabeth Perkin

    Objective Statistics for the Measurement of Agreement

  • Robinson, Timberly

    Meta-Synthesis of Sampling Methods Using Coding Strategies and Social Media for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Nursing Students

  • Rose, Sarah Alta

    Estimating Effects of Non-Normality in Assessing Structural Equation Model Fit for Use of Physical Science Data

  • Uphold, Heatherlun S.

    Examining the Psychometric Properties of the Family Resource Scale-Revised

  • Warren, Rachelle

    Acculturation and Multiculturalism of Students in Secondary Level Education Programs

  • Ye, Hong

    Comparison of Cox Regression and Discrete Time Survival Models

  • 2015

  • Lowenstein, Linda C.

    Robustness and Power Comparison of the Mood-Westenberg and Siegel-Tukey Tests

  • White II, Willie L.

    An Evaluation of Wayne State University's Educational Evaluation and Research Program

  • 2014

  • Ching-Yi Wu, Joyce

    Qualitative Study of Taiwanese Students Studying Abroad: Social Interactions, Navigating U.S. Culture, and Experiences Learning English Language

  • Elhage, Rasha Elsaheli

    Assessment Practices of Students with Learning Disabilities in Lebanese Private Schools: A National Survey

  • Foster, Tanina S.

    The Reliability and Validity of the Thin Slice Technique: Observational Research on Video Recorded Medical Interactions

  • Gersh, Anna C.

    Building Local Skills: The Multitrait-Multimethod Matrix in Practice

  • Howe, Carla

    Validity of the Educator Evaluation Instrument in the State of West Virginia

  • Lorenz, Akiva Joachim

    Robust Regression Methods for Massively Decayed Intelligence Data

  • Sawilowsky, Jack

    The Impact of Nested Testing on Experiment-Wise Type I Error Rate

  • Smith, Joe Lee

    Influence of Target Population Misspecification on Employee Perceptions at a Government Facility

  • 2013

  • Coulter, Donna M.

    A Phenomenological Study to Engage African-American Youth Voice in Deliberations Regarding their Response to Schooling

  • Felder, Valerie

    Descriptive Statistical Attributes of Special Education Data Sets

  • Gleason, Jamie H.

    Comparative Power of the Anova, Approximate Randomizatrion Anova, and Kruskal-Wallis Test

  • Mills, Deborah N.

    A Qualitative Study: Integrating Art and Science in the Environment

  • Montie, Mary L.

    Where are all the Gifted Black Girls? Giving High School Girls Voice Via Qualitative Research Approach and Black Feminist Theory

  • Olson, Daryle Alan

    The Efficacy of Select Nonparametric and Distribution-Free Research Methods: Examining the Case of Concomitant Heteroscedasticity and Effect of Treatment

  • Reaves, Rosalind

    Learning and Living While Black: Black Students, White Universities, and The Age of Post-Affirmative Action and Post-Racialism

  • 2012

  • Capobianco, Jeff Arthur

    Robustness of the Achievable Benchmark of Care Method

  • Gibbs, Marvin

    MiBLSi Program Evaluation of Participatory Elementary Schools From 2003-2009

  • Haidous, Norman N.

    Robustness and Power of the Kornbrot Rank Difference, Signed Ranks, and Dependent Samples T-Test

  • Maggio, Saverpierre

    The Dependent Samples T and Wilcoxon Sign Rank Maximum Test

  • Parrott, Jason

    The Effect of Nonrandom Selection of Clusters in a Two Stage Cluster Design

  • 2011

  • Ellington, Linda F.

    A Comparison of the Effects of Non-Normal Distributions on Tests of Equivalence

  • Lance, Michael W.

    Approximate Vs. Monte Carlo Critical Values for the Winsorized-T-Test

  • Smith, Julie M.

    Reliability Generalization: Lapsus Linguae

  • St. Clair, Sibyl Yvette

    Understanding Teacher Professional Development for Urban and Suburban High School Mathematics Teachers

  • Wisniewski, Barbara S.

    A Tale of Two Cultures: Hip Hop and Schooling and the Impact on African American Identity and Academic Achievement

  • 2010

  • Dolley, Frances

    Rasch Modeling: Computer Assistive Technology in a High School Special Education Classroom

  • Farrell-Singleton, Piper A.

    Critical Values for the Independent Samples Winsorized Test

  • Wren, Stephanie D.

    Type II Robustness of H0: p-0 for Non-Normal Distributions

  • 2008

  • Foust, Robert A.

    Learning Strategies, Motivation, and Self-Reported Academic Outcomes of Students Enrolled in Web-Based Coursework

  • Karapetian, Gregory Khoren

    Heart Rate Variability as a Non-Invasive Biomarker of Sympatho-Vagal Interaction and Determinant of Physiologic Thresholds

  • Ozkan, Bulent

    Comparison of University Researchers' and Statistical Consultants' Diagnoses and Applications on Research Problems

  • Solomon, Shira R.

    A Comparison of Ranking Methods for Normalizing Scores

  • 2007

  • Bridge, Tana J.

    Deconstructing the Comparative Power of the Independent Samples t and the Wilcoxon Mann-Whitney for Shift and Slight Heteroscedasticity

  • Cuzzocrea, John L.

    Robustness to Non-Independence and Power of Sawilowsky's I Test for Trend in Construct Validity

  • Fluharty, David Arthur

    Simulation Based Specifications for Evaulating High Stakes Educational Test Results from a Bayesian Epistemological Perspective: Philosophical Foundations, Response Surface Investigations, and Pragmatic Applications of Resulting Psychometric Modesty

  • Pickens, Candice L.

    Concept Mapping: Methods to Improve Critcial Thinking

  • Roy, Lori

    Algebra Readiness Assessment

  • Sampson, Andree' A.

    A Survey of Midwestern Education Graduate Students' Coping Strategies and Subsequent Development of a Three Factor Stress Scale

  • Ziaee, Reza

    Comparsion of Logistic Regression and Mantel-Haenszel Statistical Procedures to Predict Length of Stay of Four Diagnosis-Related Groups

  • 2006

  • Benami, Amittai

    The Spiritual Dimension of Education

  • Holt, Kalvin

    Reliability and Validity of the "Self-Determination Student Scale" with an Adjudicated Incarcerated Delinquent Population

  • Inweregbu, Jude

    An Investigation of Thinking Styles and Learning Approaches of University Students in Nigeria

  • Lawson, Kevin Duwan

    Statistical Inference for a Linear Function of Medians: A Comparsion of the Maritz-Jarrett and Price-Bonett Estimators

  • Mends-Cole, Saydee Jonathan

    Coverage and Interval Length of Welch's and Yuen's Procedures for Shift in Location and Change in Scale for (Un)Equal Sample

  • Pelavin, Patricia A.

    The Measurement of Nonnormal Data in Structural Equation Modeling

  • Shulkin, Boris

    Estimating a Population Median with a Small Sample

  • Tierman, Andrew Jay

    Testing for Exponentiality Using a Two-Moment Estimator and a Median-Centered Distance Statistic

  • Weber, Michele

    Robustness and Power of the T, Permutation T and Wilcoxon Tests

  • 2005

  • Betts-Fields, Marquita L.

    An Examination of the Relationship Between Corporal Punishment and Student Achievement

  • Gottwald, Werner D.

    A Comparsion of Student Perceptions Regarding Online Courses and Traditional Courses: A Case Study

  • Hill, Jr., Jack Cullen

    The Effects of Pseudorandom Number Generator and Initial Seed Selection on Monte Carlo Simulations

  • Jopps, Irwin

    A Content Analysis of Selected Multivariate Statistical Textbooks

  • 2004

  • Gadelrab, Hesham F.

    The Effect of Model Misspecification on Overall Goodness-of-Fit Indices for Structural Equation Modeling

  • Jabari, Jelani

    A Study of Compensatory Techniques which Address Missing Data Problems

  • Krol-Jersevic, Stephanie

    Measuring Communication Apprehension in Children

  • 2003

  • Bunner, Jennifer M.

    Forming a Bracketed Interval Around the Trimmed Mean: Alternatives to Sw

  • Fay, Bruce Robert

    A Monte Carlo Computer Study of the Power Properties of Six Distrribution-Free and/or Nonparametric Statistical Tests under various Methods of Resolving Tied Ranks when applied to Normal and Nonnormal Data Distributions

  • Lee, Karen

    Parametric and Nonparametric IRT Models for Assessing Differential Item Functioning

  • Pierce, Regina

    The Impact of Nurse Aide In-Service Education and Experience on Resident Fall Events

  • Van Camp, Aloha A.

    A Comparison Between Parents of Students in Catholic Parochial and Charter Schools Regarding Customer Focus, Customer Satisfaction, and Factors Used to Select their Children's Schools

  • 2002

  • Drouin, Jacqueline

    Aerobic Exercise Training Effects on Physical Function, Fatigue and Mood, Immune Status, and Oxidative Stress in Subjects Undergoing Radiation Treatment for Breast Cancer

  • Golinski, Mary A.

    Anesthesia Delivery in Office-Based Surgery: Quality-Of-Care and Patient Satisfaction Outcomes

  • Novojenova, Rimma

    Measurement of Teacher's Personalization in the Classroom Environment

  • Siddiqui, Hamid M. W.

    A Comparison of the Outcomes of Instructor Led and Interactive Video Disk Based Energy Control and Power Lockout Automotive Training Programs

  • 2001

  • Compton, Scott

    Type One Error and Power Properties of Seven Two-Sample Tests When Treatment Affects Location and Scale

  • Crawforth, Karen

    Measuring the Interrater Reliability of a Data Collection Instrument Developed to Evaluate Anesthetic Outcomes

  • Enayah, Lina Mohammed Jalal

    Perceptions of Arab/Chaldean Students Regarding their Experiences in Bilingual Education

  • Peterson, Kathleen Reid

    A Study of Six Modificaitons of the Art (Aligned Rank Transform) Used to Test for Interaction

  • 2000

  • Cross, Kathleen

    Cognitive Levels of Multiple-Choice Items on Teacher-Made Tests in Nursing Education

  • Gullen, James A.

    Goodness of Fit as a Single Factor Structural Equation Model

  • Jackson-Gray, Edna E.

    The Effects of Test Preparation Methods Employed by Medical Students on Standardized Admission Tests

  • Lyons, Juanita M.

    Methodology for the Determination of the Reliability of Database Derived Data

  • Strale, Jr., Frederick F.

    Strategic Learning Theory Utility: A Criterion Related Validity Study of the Lassi Using Pearson Correlations and Structural Equation Models

  • 1999

  • Creighton, Cynthia L.

    Critical Thinking Skills and Learning Styles of First-Year Students in Weekend Occuptional Therapy Programs

  • Fahoome, Gail

    A Monte Carlo Study of Twenty-One Nonparametric Statistics with Normal and Nonnormal Data

  • Musial III, Joseph L.

    Comparing Exact Tests and Asymptotic Tests with Colorectal Cancer Variables within the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey III

  • Wolf-Branigin, Michael

    Measuring Community Inclusion of People with Developmental Disabilities in a Spatial Context

  • 1998

  • Aranha, Anil N. F.

    Modeling Self-Determination among the Elderly: A Psychometric Study of Health Care Decision-Making

  • Cade, William

    Sampling Procedures and Type I Error Rates (For Nonnormal Populations)

  • 1997

  • Castronova, Frank Charles

    The Use of Receiver Operating Characteristic (ROC) Curves as a Statistical Tool for Measuring the Effect of an Educational Intervention in an Emergency Medicine Residency Program

  • Gunasekera, Thilak Wijenayaka

    Effects of Pretest Sensitization Associated with Cooperative Learning Strategies on the Achievement Level of Adult Mathematics Students

  • Headrick, Todd C.

    Type I Error and Power of the Rank Transform Analysis of Covariance (ANCOVA) in a 3 x 4 Factorial Layout

  • Nanna, Michael Joseph

    Robustness and Comparative Power Properties of Hotelling's T2 Versus the Rank Transformation Test Using Real Pre-Test/Post-Test Likert Scale Data

  • Odett, David Charles

    An Evaluation of Item Response Theory for Detecting Differential Item Functioning of Examinees' Responses to the Seventh Grade Mathematics MEAP Test Investigating Learner Characteristics

  • Thomas, Ronald Lee

    A Monte Carlo Investigation of Parameter Estimation Efficacy using Modified Fixed "C" Three Parameter Log (3PL) Item Response Theory Models with Small Sample Sizes

  • 1996

  • Bridge, Patrick David

    The Comparative Power of the Independent-Samples T-Test and Wilcoxon Rank Sum Test in Non Normal Distributions of Real Data Sets in Education and Psychology

  • Eke, Uju P.

    A Construct Validation of Self-Determination Instrument: Using Adult Substance Abuse Consumersl in Residential Setting

  • Heaney, Mary Jane

    Learning and Study Strategies Cognitive Indicators, and Demographic Factors as Related to Academic Achievement and Retention among College Freshmen

  • Posch, Margaret A.

    Comparative Properties of Nonparametric Statistics for the Analysis of the 2 x c Layout for Ordinal Categorical Data

  • 1995

  • Depetro, Alexander J.

    The Effects of Parental, Teacher and Individual Attitude Toward Computers as Perceived by the Student on Second Grade Female Students' Computer Interest as Compared to Second Grade Male Students' Computer Interest

  • Mullan, Dennis James

    An Investigation of a Residential Customer Satisfaction Model at an Electric Utility

  • 1994

  • Edwards-Brown, Kim Eleanor

    The Effects of Drug Abuse Resistance Education on Students' Attitudes Toward the Police

  • Germayne, Karen

    A Study to Determine the Effects of the Distribution of Informational Facts Concerning Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disordered (ADHD) Children on Teachers' Knowledge and Attitudes Towards these Students

  • Gunderson, Heather MacLeese

    A Study to Assess Elementary and Secondary General Education Teachers' Attitudes and Knowledge of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

  • Johnson, Timmy Dane

    An Assessment of the Effectiveness of a Suburban Police Department's Project Dare (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) Program on Student Knowledge of Drugs, Alcohol, and Tobacco

  • Kelley, Deborah Lynn

    The Comparative Power of Several Nonparametric Alternatives to the Analysis of Variance Test for Interaction in a 2 x 2 x 2 Layout

  • Morgan-Harrison, Sharonlyn

    Some Construct Validation Evidence for Two New Measures of Self-Determination

  • 1993

  • Moon, Taihyong

    The Multiple Group Confirmatory Factor Analysis of the Multidimensional Aptitude Battery

  • Washington, Joyce Ann

    Health Education and Measuring the Effects on Minority Student Self-Concept as it Relates to School Performance

  • 1992

  • Loundmon, Queen Brame

    A Comparative Analysis of Anxiety Levels Experienced by Adult Education Students and Regular Education Students in Selected Detroit Public Extended Day Schools

  • Regan, Thomas Patrick

    An Analysis and Validation of Scale-8 on the MMPI-168 with Juvenile Delinquents

  • Shepard, Jerome

    A Model for Secondary Unit Assessment Employed with At-Risk Students in a Vocational-Technical High School

  • Sucher, Joseph E.

    The Effects of Reading Achievement on College Success: A Comparative Analysis of Reading Assessment Scores and Classroom Performance as Measured by Course Grades

  • West, Robert Charles

    The Effects of an Integrated Learning System (ILS) Using Incremental Time Allotments on Ninth-Grade Algebra Achievement

  • 1991

  • Deighton, Bruce Craig

    Use of Computer Assisted Content Analysis in Large Scale Program Evaluation

  • Spann-Kirk, Eula M.

    A Validity Assessment of a Mathematics Placement Test used with Entering Students at Mott Community College

  • 1990

  • Labelle, Peggy Joan

    The Characteristics and Behaviors of Principals who are Effective Instructional Leaders and the Development of an Inventory Describing those Behaviors

  • Lange, Mary Patricia

    Does Locus of Control Influence Efficacy of Nonpharmacologic Approaches to Pain Control

  • Stephens, Christine K.

    A Descriptive Analysis of Statistical Methodologies Utilized by Police Agencies

  • 1989

  • Swope, Michael R.

    Validating State Police Trooper Career Performance with the Sixteen Personality Factor Questionnaire

  • 1988

  • Owens, Nancy K.

    Adolescent Behavior: Variables Affecting School Attendance

  • Reynolds, Bette Leach

    Relationships Among Personality Types, Job Satisfaction and Job Specialties of Medical Record Administrators and Medical Record Technicians

  • Ward, Shedrick Ervin

    The Evaluation and Measurement of Physician and Patient Communication

  • 1987

  • O'Leary, Michael Patrick

    Development of the Classroom Problem Solution Inventory a Multi-Dimensional Measure of the use of Behavioral Principles

  • 1986

  • Meltzer, Richard J.

    The Efficacy of Within-Subject Measurement

  • Wood, Douglas Lee

    An Empirical Study of the Effects of Differences in Teaching Methods on Knowledge Acquisition and Attitudes Toward Medical Rounds

  • 1985

  • Wisniewski, Dennis Russell

    An Application of the Rasch Model to Computerized Adaptive Testing: The Binary Search Method

  • 1984

  • Irish, Norman C.

    Design and Validation of a Private Vocational School Entrance Examination

  • Rudolph, Terry Lee

    Utilizing Discriminant Analysis to Quantify Treatment Referral Decisions for Adult Schizophrenics

  • Scalzi, Patricia Mullan

    An Ethnoecological Inquiry of Cancer Care Education and Practice in the American Medical Culture

  • Vidaurri, Mary R. Stewart

    A Quantitative Method for Determining Curriculum Goals in Nurse Anesthesia Educational Programs

  • Yoon, Moon-Ja

    Client Readiness for Accepting Social Work Services in Substance Abuse

  • 1983

  • Abdalla, Eitedal M. Basouni

    The Scamin "What Face Would You Wear" and the Piers-Harris Evaluation as Measures of Self-Concept in Immigrant Arabic Children: A Comparative Study of Construct Validity and Reliability

  • John, Andary

    The Longitudinal Effects of Continuous Early Childhood Compensatory Education on the Achievement of Detroit Public School Pupils

  • McPherson, Donald John

    Using the Rasch Model to Evaluate Test Items for Grade 4 and Grade 7 Michigan Educational Assessment Program Criterion-Referenced Reading Tests Administered 1973 through 1979

  • Moore, JoAnne Ellen

    A Comparative Analysis of the Structure of Two Versions of the Grade Ten Michigan Educational Assessment Program Mathematics Test

  • Wayland, Marilyn Ticknor

    Factors Associated with Patient Outcome in the Prehospital Treatment of Motor Vehicle Trauma Victims

  • 1982

  • Butler, Adger

    Application of Selected Multivariate Techniques to Categorical and Ordinal Data: A Specific Problem in Establishing a School Building Profile

  • Clor, Gary Jerome

    An Application of Multivariate Statistical Techniques in Assessing Structure in a Complex Medical Data Set

  • Mackey II, Walter H.

    A Monte-Carlo Investigation of Statistical Power under the Mixed-Normal Distribution

  • 1981

  • Chen, Hsing Sheng

    Assessing Unidimensionality of Michigan Educational Assessment Data as Defined by the Rasch Model

  • Feun, Lindson

    An Examination of Reading-Achievement Retention over the Summer Months for Low-Achieving Students who Received Remedial Instruction During the School Year

  • 1979

  • Dreachslin, Janice L.

    The Effect of Sample Size on Ridge Regression as a Data Analytic Technique for use with Ill Conditioned Input Matrices

  • Hitchingham, Eileen E.

    Search Assessment Characteristics Exhibited by Faculty and Student Users of the Medline Information Retrieval System, with an Examination of the Relationship Between the Searcher/User Interview and the User Assessment of Search Results

  • Hurwitz, Lillian Rosenberg

    Toward the Development of a Marking and Reporting System Acceptable to both Critics and Proponents of Letter Grading

  • Jaworski, Anne Porter

    The Effects of the Mainstreaming Experience on the Self-Concept of Physically Handicapped Young Children

  • 1978

  • Balian, Edward Sarkis

    An Investigation of Slected Missing Data Approximation Techniques as Utilized in PA2 Varimax Factor Analysis

  • Miller, John N.

    The Relationship Between College Students' Values and Classroom Activities in Introductory Psychology

  • Smock, Sue Marx

    A Multivariate Analysis of Childcare Mode

  • 1977

  • Blush, Gordon J.

    Mere Presence and Non-Presence Effects upon the Behavior of Forensic and Non-Forensic Schizophrenic and Normal Males

  • Jan, Clarence William

    The Utility of Multivariate Statistics for Predicting Success in Vocational Rehabilitation for a One-And a Two-Factor Criteria

  • 1976

  • Baker, George Arthur William

    The Nature of Visual Sensory Perception During the Reading Process

  • Bergman, Gerald R.

    The Evaluation of an Experimental Program Designed to Reduce Recidivism Among Second Felony Criminal Offenders

  • Blyth, Mary Michel

    The Development of a Written Occupational Competency Examination for Legal Secretaries

  • Moortgat, L. R.

    Year-Round School: Feasibility and Effects of the 45-15 Plan

  • Mys, Donald Paul

    An Evaluation of the Junior High School Reading Laboratories in the Dearborn Public Schools

  • Posch, Jr., Joseph L.

    Application of Selected Multivariate Techniques to Categorical and Ordinal Data: A Specific Problem with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Data

  • 1975

  • Krammin, Mary Ann

    A Description and Evaluation of an Individualized Program of Elementary Mathematics by Selected Multivariate Statistical Techniques

  • Strand, Theresa

    A Comparative Study of Two Entry Level Firefighter Selection Tests

  • 1974

  • Green, Charles A.

    Profiles Types as a Guidance Tool for Educational Decision Making

  • Manos, Peter George

    Relationships Among Class Size Selected School and Teacher Characteristics and Reading Improvement Made by Low-Achieving Grade 4 Pupils

  • Wolfe, Barbara Blair

    Demographic Variables as Correlates of the Michigan Educational Assessment Program

  • 1973

  • Cook, Donald H.

    The Learning Resource Laboratory Versus Tutorial Teaching in Achieving Certain Behavioral Objectives

  • Gulyas, Paul John

    Content and Construct Validity Relative to Item Preference Dispersion Phenomena

  • 1972

  • Goldman, Lawrence Allen

    Linguistic Comparability of Test Forms: A Case Study of the Iowa Tests of Basic Skills, Forms 3 and 4

  • Sanders, Violet Alexandra

    Arithmetic Problem Solving Strategies of Fourth Grade Children

  • Selig, Sidney

    Profiling Withdrawals from a Jewish Supplementary School

  • Wagner, Sara Bailey

    Timed and Untimed Measures of Creativity and their Correlates

  • Whitney, Edward Norman

    Profiling Perceptions of Critics and Non-Critics of Public Schools

  • 1971

  • Jensen, Leonard Lloyd

    Structure of Educational Beliefs: Some Correlates with the Staff of a Suburban School System

  • McCloud, Thomas Edward

    Factorial Structure of Test Item Dimensionality Among Different Ethnic Groups

  • 1970

  • Hogan, Martin J.

    The Effects of Anxiety, Stress, Task Difficulty and Stage of Learning on Performance in Paired-Associate Learning

  • 1969

  • Dent, Paula Ann

    Creativity in Inner-City Children, In Relation to Aptitude, Achievement, and Background

  • Gillin, R.S.M., Sr. Caroline M.

    Simulation to Facilitate Faculty Participation in College Government

  • Held, Charles Holborn

    The Status of Library Technicians in the United States

  • Holland, Lois Jean

    Profile Types of the Urban Junior High School Student: Utilizing Measures of Cognitive Factors, Achievement, Aptitude, and Background Information

  • Sheffieck, Jr., Charles Fauriaux

    Management Training and Evaluation by Major United States Industrial Corporations

  • 1968

  • Taaffe, Gordon

    The Cognitive Structure of Lipreading

  • 1966

  • Smith, Alice Margaret Gullen

    Significant Encounters: A Critical and Historical Evaluation of Landmarks in the Development of Imaginative Literature Printed in English for Children and Youth, 1658--1865; and their Availability in Fifteen Selected Great Lakes Area Collections

  • Swarthout, Charlene R.

    An Approach to an In-Service Program to Develop the Concept of the School Library as Part of the Instructional System

  • 1965

  • Campbell, Paul Burton

    Self Concept and Academic Achievement in Middle Grade Public School Children

  • 1963

  • Larkin, Lewis Barber

    Field Work Experiences Prior to Student Teaching

  • Sprague, Ruth Hamilton

    Learning Difficulties of First Grade Children Diagnosed by the Frostig Visual Perceptual Tests: A Factor Analytic Study

  • 1962

  • Farrah, George

    The Roles of Citizens Advisory Committees in Curriculum Development: A Special Case in Farmington, Michigan

  • Moran, Clotildus M.

    The Preferences of Prospective Teachers, Students at Wayne State University, Regarding Curricular and Campus Experiences

  • 1961

  • Pace, Walter Thomas

    Profiles of Personal Needs and College Press of Negro Teacher Trainees

  • 1960

  • Irwin, Claire Cook

    The Doctor of Education Progam at Wayne State University: An Appraisal of Institutional Aims, Recipent Satisfaction, Faculty Evaluation, and Dissertation Quality

  • 1959

  • Chmara, O. P., Sister Marie Siena

    Personal and Social Adjustment in Coeducational and Separate Catholic Secondary Schools

  • Magaw, David Curlee

    Criminal Antisocial and Inadequate Personalities A Clinical and Psychometric Comparison

  • 1958

  • Clark, L. Verdelle

    The Effect of Mental Practice on the Development of a Certain Motor Skill

  • Sumner, Earl David

    On the Relation of Manifest Needs to Personal Values a Factor Analytic Study Involving R And Q Techniques

  • 1957

  • Cheskie, Sophie Veronica

    An Appraisal of the Adult Education Program of the Highland Park Public Schools

  • Harris, Leffie Louise

    An Appraisal of Curricular and Personal Components of the Stenographic Training of the Detroit High School of Commerce

  • Hatcher, Benjamin Edward

    An Experimental Study of Three Different Patterns of Student Participation in a General-Education Science Course for College Freshmen

  • Hill, Joseph E.

    The Development and Application of a Method for Evaluating Defined Phases of Student Activities Programs in Institutions of Higher Education

  • Hilton, David Artland

    A Technique for the Selection of Laboratory Experiments for a College General Education Physical Science Course

  • 1956

  • Lenser, Herman T.

    Problems of Schooling Slow Learning Senior High School Students

  • 1955

  • Bernstein, Allen L.

    A Study of Remedial Arithmetic Conducted with Ninth Grade Students

  • Yarbrough, Charles Clinton

    A Validation of New Measures of Elemental Behavior

  • 1954

  • Haley, Wilhelmine L.

    Crucial Requirements in Nursing for the Sciences of Anatomy and Physiology

  • 1953

  • Juul, Kristen Dortheus

    Authoritarian Personality in Relation to Teachers' Attitudes Towards Child Behavior

  • Pirie, Duncan A. S.

    The Effect of Tax Exempt Real Property on School Support in the State of Michigan

  • Valade, Lawrence H. J.

    The Invariancy, Validity, and Reliability of a Ratio of Measures of Complex Over Simple Performance

  • 1952

  • Irwin, James Ross

    Wayne University - A History

  • Mauk, Gertrude

    The Development of a Forced Choice Supervisory Performance Report within a Large Automotive Corporation

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