Bachelor of Science in health physical education teaching

Bachelor’s of Science with a major in Health and Physical Education Teaching, Initial K-12 Health and Physical Education Teacher Certification 

Our Bachelor of Science in health and physical education (PE) teaching offers you  an opportunity to acquire the content knowledge and pedagogy to positively influence the health and well-being of the next generation of youth. Curriculum highlights include courses in technology for the health and PE teacher, sociocultural issues in urban, rural and suburban teaching environments, and an on-campus pediatric adapted physical education practicum course. Embedded within our curriculum are 600 hours of direct teaching experiences. As a result, our graduates are extremely well prepared to face the growing diversity of students in a variety of teaching environments. To meet the needs of our students, we offer several exclusively online or hybrid courses. Our program has been designed with feedback from the Michigan Department of Education and local administrator stakeholders, allowing us to produce highly qualified and sought after teacher candidates.

"In my practicum placements at WSU I learned how to teach a diversity of children, we experienced authentic community and school environments where faculty provided us with real time feedback and mentorship."  

Samantha Miller (Kearny) ('20)

Accelerated Graduate Enrollment program

The Accelerated Graduate Enrollment (AGRADE) program is available to academically strong students completing their undergraduate degree. This allows students to begin master's degree coursework while simultaneously completing their bachelor's degree. Students have the opportunity to complete the requirements for both degrees in an accelerated timeline. For requirements and course information, refer to the academic bulletin.

For students whose undergraduate major is in health and physical education teaching, the AGRADE graduate program options are: Community Health; Exercise and Sport Science; and Sports Administration.


Fall semester I

Courses Cr. Hrs.
Total 12
Basic Comp 3
Oral Comp 3
Quantitative Experience 3
Social Inquiry 3

Winter semester II

Courses Cr. Hrs.
Total 14
Intermediate Comp 3
Civic Literacy Inquiry 4
National Science Inquiry w/lab 4
HPE 6140 - Fitness and Dance 3

Fall semester III

Courses Cr. Hrs.
Total 15
Cultural Inquiry 3
Diversity Equity and Inclusion 3
KIN 5100 Anatomical and Physiological Bases of Physical Activity 3
HPE 6200 Management and Instruction 3
HPE 6510 Elementary Health and PE Methods 3

Winter semester IV

Courses Cr. Hrs.
Total 15
Global Learning Inquiry 3
National Science Inquiry 3
HPE 6120 Sports I 3
HPE 6520 Secondary Physical Education Methods 3
HPE Elective 3

Spring/Summer semester V

Courses Cr. Hrs.
Total 3
HPE Elective 3

Fall semester VI

Courses Cr. Hrs.
Total 15
HPE 6210 Curriculum in Health and PE 3
HE 6310 Reproductive Health 3
HE 6320 Mental Health and Substance Abuse 3
HE 6330 Health Behavior Change 3
HPE Elective  3

Winter semester VII

Courses Cr. Hrs.
Total 15
HPE 6110 Motor Learning and Development 3
HPE 6220 Technology in Health and PE 3
HE 6340 Advanced Health Concepts 3
HPE Elective 3
HPE Elective 3

Spring/Summer semester VIII

Courses Cr. Hrs.
Total 6
HPE Elective 3
HE 6360 Performance Based Assessment 3

Fall semester IX

Courses Credits
Total 12
HPE 6400 Physical Activity in Pediatric Disabilities 3
HPE 6500 Secondary Health Methods 3
HPE 6230 Sociocultural Issues in Health and Physical Education 3
RLL 6121 Reading Language and Literacy 3

Winter semester X

Courses Cr. Hrs.
Total 13
HPE 6600 Student Teaching Seminar 10
HPE Elective 3

Total credits for degree: 120

Students in this program complete an individualized Plan of Work with their advisor and the Health and Physical Education Advising Guide.

In order to be fully accredited within the State of Michigan upon graduation, pre-service candidates must take and pass the Michigan Test for Teacher Certification (MTTC) content area exams in both Health and Physical Education. 


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The College of Education educator preparation programs are accredited by the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP).  

Accreditation means that a program meets the standards set by the academic and professional community. It’s a seal of approval indicating that the program prepares new educators to teach effectively.


Kristen Kaszeta
Associate professor of teaching and program coordinator

Kurt Troutman
Academic services officer III
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