Lifestyle Fitness Activities

The Lifestyle Fitness Activities (LFA) program provides students from across the university with the skills, knowledge and confidence to participate in a broad range of physical activities for a lifetime. For example, students can learn to swim; practice T'ai Chi, yoga, or mindfulness; enroll in a variety of group fitness classes; participate in team and individual sports; learn boxing conditioning, grappling and other martial arts; and even earn American Red Cross certification in CPR and first aid.

Why take an LFA course?

  1. Academic credit counts toward electives in any major.
  2. Physical activity increases academic performance.
  3. Improve mobility, functional fitness and healthy habits for a lifetime!
  4. Stress management, anxiety reduction lead to better mental well-being.
  5. Learning to live a healthy life is FUN!

A complete list of the Lifestyle Fitness Activities may be found in the university's academic bulletin.

Request an override into a Kinesiology course.

*Please be advised that late overrides will not be processed for LFA courses after the third week of classes (for LFA 2330 First Aid and CPR, overrides will not be granted after the second week of classes)*


Kristen Kaszeta
Lecturer and LFA coordinator

Kinesiology Health and Sport Studies
Phone: 313-577-4249