Master of Arts in Teaching for secondary education

The Master of Arts in Teaching (M.A.T.) is designed for students who have completed a bachelor's degree in a non-education program with appropriate teaching majors and minors, and who desire both a master's degree and Michigan Standard Teaching Certification at either the secondary level. Teaching certification can be earned prior to completing the master's degree requirements. Each of the M.A.T. programs consist of graduate-level courses (several involving work with children in a school setting) and field experiences (pre-student teaching for one semester and student teaching for one semester).

Important dates

  • August 15: Fall applications due

  • December 15: Winter applications due

  • April 15: Spring/Summer application due

  • For exceptions email Dr. Waker:

Application Process for the M.A.T. Program

Students are required to have a transcript evaluation by an advisor before applying to the M.A.T. program. The Michigan Department of Education has adopted new standards and grade bands for teacher certification. Until the following new programs are ready for implementation, there will be a temporary hold on transcript evaluations for post-bac and graduate certification programs. Impacted programs include the following:  7-12 Math, 7-12 English Language Arts, 5-9 Science, 7-12 Integrated Science, and Social Studies. We look forward to accepting your request for transcript evaluations in these new programs in the near future. These programs are being routed through the approval process and we expect to allow for transcript evaluations soon.

Please provide contact information so we can send you the information about these programs when available.

Students who are unsure of which program may be best suited for them, should either attend one of the Teacher Certification Meetings or schedule an appointment with Beverly Schneider (

Teaching Major Concentrations

Arabic, Arabic K-12, Economics, French, French K-12, History, Political Science, Social Studies Comprehensive, Social Studies Group, Spanish, Spanish K-12 and Visual Arts Education

The state has adopted new standards for teacher certification. Effective immediately there will be a temporary hold on transcript evaluation requests for these areas (until they are ready for implementation)

  • Math (Grades 5-9 and Grades 7-12)
  • English Language Arts (Grades 7-12)
  • Science (Grades 5-7 and Grades 7-12) (Includes Biology, Chemistry, Earth/Space, and Physics)

Teaching Minor Concentrations

Arabic, Bilingual Bicultural Education, Economics, English, English as a Second Language, French, History, Political Science and Spanish


Information regarding teaching certificate requirements can be found under "Teaching Certification" in the WSU Graduate Bulletin.

Courses Cr. Hrs.
EDP 6210 Foundations of Educational Psychology
Or EDP 5480 Adolescent Psychology
BBE 5000 Multicultural Education in Urban America 2
SED 5010 Inclusive Teaching 2
TED 6020 Computer Applications in Teaching 3
Total 8-9

Additional credits may be required dependent upon the student's transcript evaluation review.

Course Requirements

The M.A.T. program is offered as a master's Plan B and requires a minimum of 30 credits. Total credits vary based on the applicant's background in his/her teaching field at the undergraduate level and specialized requirements.

All course work must be completed in accordance with the academic procedures of the College of Education and the Graduate School's regulations governing graduate scholarship and degrees. Requirements for the Master of Arts in Teaching degree must be completed within six years after completion of the first course to be applied to the degree.

Coursework for the degree is distributed among three areas: Prerequisite courses, major courses and concentration courses. A teaching certificate is required in order to receive a M.A.T. degree.

Required courses for a Michigan Teaching Certificate Cr. Hrs.
Total credits 31-37
Two Content Methods Classes in the Major 6
One Methods Class in the minor (Minor is optional) 3
Elective Course (in consultation with advisor) 3-9
RLL 6121 Teaching Reading in the Content Areas: Grades 6-12 3
TED 5650 Pre-Student Teaching Field Experience for Secondary Majors 5
TED 5780 Directed Teaching and Conference 8
TED 7000 Introductory Master's Seminar I (Note: Not required for English Education Concentration) 3
ED 7999 Terminal Master's Seminar and Essay or Project 3

Plan of Work

Students in this program complete an individualized plan of work with their advisor that fits their teaching major and minor concentration when they start their course work. Secondary Education: Post Bachelor and Master of Arts in Teaching Curriculum Guide.


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The College of Education educator preparation programs are accredited by the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP).  

Accreditation means that a program meets the standards set by the academic and professional community. It’s a seal of approval indicating that the program prepares new educators to teach effectively.


Beverly Schneider
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