Dean's list

Inclusion on the College of Education Dean's List requires a 3.75 Grade Point Average (GPA) for students enrolled in 12 or more semester hours (full-time). Students registered for 6 to 11 semester hours (half-time) must earn a 4.00 GPA. Students registered for fewer than six semester hours are not included. Only undergraduate students are eligible for the Dean's List.

Winter Spring/Summer Fall
W-2021 SS-2021 F-2021
W-2020 SS-2020 F-2020
W-2019 SS-2019 F-2019
W-2018 SS-2018 F-2018
W-2017 SS-2017 F-2017
W-2016 SS-2016 F-2016
W-2015 SS-2015 F-2015
W-2014 SS-2014 F-2014