Education Scholars Alliance

The College of Education continues to place emphasis on retention, certification and graduation rates of students enrolled in teacher education programs. The College of Education recognizes the lack of underrepresented teachers in today's classrooms, and seeks to decrease that gap through the Education Scholars Alliance (ESA). While the ESA is open to all students, the ESA strongly encourages underrepresented students to participate in this program.

The ESA provides academic and professional support to program participants. The major objective of the ESA is to ensure that students successfully complete their certification programs and ultimately graduate with a bachelor's degree. The primary mission of the ESA is to help students increase their overall grade point average. Once a student is accepted to Level 2 they can complete their professional education sequence and graduate with their teacher certification.

This program is a helpful tool for underrepresented students seeking to receive support and guidance in a field in which they are traditionally underrepresented, and is open to assist other students who wish to participate.

Benefits and services offered:

  • Leadership development
  • Professional development
  • Wrap around advising services
  • Fellowship and networking
  • Scholarship assistance

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