Undergraduate Minor in yoga and mindfulness

The Yoga and Mindfulness minor allows undergraduate students in any department across all schools and colleges at WSU to add yoga and mindfulness skills and knowledge as a credential to their degree programs. The addition of a Yoga and Mindfulness minor will expand employment opportunities and add expertise in yoga and mindfulness philosophy and theory, holistic health promotion, knowledge of body movement and mechanics, and leading others in yoga and mindfulness programs, which may be useful in many different career settings.

Important dates

  • Minor may be added any time

Course Requirements

The minor is a minimum of 15 credit hours consisting of the courses listed below (nine credit hours of required cores and six credit hours of elective courses). The electives allow the student to further develop yoga and mindfulness skills by applying them to specific content areas. Additional courses can qualify as electives in consultation with an advisor in the Division of Academic Services in the College of Education.

Yoga and Mindfulness (required courses 9 credits)

Courses Cr. Hrs.
Total 9
HE 6000 Yoga: History, Philosophy, and Practice 3
HE 6050 Mindfulness: Philosophy, Theory, Practice, and Research 3
HE 6200 Yoga and Mindfulness in Professional Practice 3

Electives (6 credits required)

Courses Cr. Hrs.
Total Electives Requirements 6
HE 2310 Dynamics of Personal Health 3
HE 6330 Health Behavior Change 3
LFA 1460 Yoga Fusion 2
LFA 1470 Mindfulness, Fitness and Stress Management 2
LFA 1480 Yoga 2
LFA 1780 Tai Chi Chuan: Beginning 3
ATR 5140 Clinical Gross Anatomy 3
BIO 2870 Anatomy and Physiology 5
DNC 1260 Introduction to the Philosophy and Practice of Iyengar Yoga 3
EDP 1000 Psychology of Human Happiness 3
HPE 6140 Fitness and Dance 3
HPE 6200 Management and Instruction in Health and Physical Education 3
KIN 3550 Motor Learning and Control 3
KIN 3580 Biomechanics 3
KIN 5100 Anatomical and Physiological Bases of Physical Activity 3
KIN 5520 Sport Psychology 3
KIN 5523 Physical Activity and Exercise Psychology 3
KIN 6100 Methods of Group Training 3
KIN 6300 Exercise Physiology I 3
KIN 6310 Exercise Physiology II 3
PCS 2050/HIS 2530/PS 2550/SOC 2050 The Study of Non-Violence 3
PSY 2410 Health Psychology 3
SW 6815 Mind-Body-Spirit Approaches and Social Work Practice 4


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