Background of the Counseling and Testing Center

The Counseling and Testing Center currently serves as the on-campus practicum and internship site for clinical training of graduate students in several academic programs. As a training unit, the Counseling and Testing Center provides comprehensive mental health services for students and the local community. Services offered include:

  • Individual and group counseling
  • Substance abuse testing
  • Educational and life skills assessment
  • Marriage and family counseling
  • Rehabilitation counseling
  • Career and vocational counseling
  • Art therapy

Each year, approximately 100 graduate students work with clients in the Counseling and Testing Center. Typical client issues include: a) self-concept enhancement, b) relationship issues, c) remarriage and step family issues, d) depression, e) substance abuse issues, f) career counseling, g) life transitions, h) eating disorders, i) parenting and child discipline, j) coping with loss and k) other mental health issues.

The Counseling and Testing Center also serves as a major campus research setting for clinically-oriented research projects conducted by staff members, departmental faculty and graduate students.

Due to the multi-disciplinary nature of the Counseling and Testing Center, there are opportunities to work with students and faculty from various departments. In some cases, advanced doctoral students also serve as departmental clinical instructors/supervisors, so their clinical activities contribute to the development of their teaching skills. In addition, students and faculty from different departments serve as co-therapists and often help each other in peer supervision.