Counseling center services

Our goals

  1. Facilitate behavior change
  2. Improve the client's ability to establish and maintain relationships
  3. Enhance the client's ability to cope
  4. Promote the decision-making process
  5. Facilitate client potential and development


Specifically, the Counseling and Testing Center provides specialized support services to enhance the client's self-esteem, self-confidence, self-awareness and their ability to accept responsibility, eliminate self-defeating and/or abusive activities, thereby solidifying their long-term personal and professional relationships, job prospects and career opportunities. Additionally, the Counseling and Testing Center provides assessment and vocational information services. These specialized support services include:

  • Individual and group counseling aimed to assist clients in making realistic vocational choices, to resolve problems in interpersonal functioning and eliminate self-defeating and/or abusive activities.
  • Standardized basic educational and life skills assessment.
  • Substance abuse assessment.
  • Specialized assessment for vocational interests and vocational aptitudes
  • Art therapy for individuals and groups using the approaches of non-verbal and/or creatively expressed counseling.


Faculty representatives from the participating departments assume primary responsibility for the direction of the diagnostic and therapeutic work with the clients and provide close supervision of student clinical activity. All graduate students providing clinical services receive a minimum of one and a half hours of group supervision weekly from a faculty member who is a Licensed Professional Counselor and/or Registered Art Therapist. Additionally, all graduate students providing clinical services receive a minimum of one hour of individual weekly face-to-face supervision from an advanced doctoral student. The intensity of graduate student involvement with clients varies widely from student to student, with most students spending six hours per week in practicum or twenty hours per week in internship experiences.​

NOTE: The Counseling and Testing Center works only on the hours of operation as Wayne State University. If the University is closed or closes due to inclement weather, counseling sessions will not be held.