How long is the program?

TeachDETROIT is a very intensive full-time program, and can be completed in one calendar year, over three semesters at Wayne State University. TeachDETROIT interns are in schools four mornings a week, 12-20 hours each week and take classes in the afternoons/evenings. Interns are welcome to take the courses at a slower pace as well.

Is the TeachDETROIT internship a paid position?

No. TeachDETROIT interns are placed in the classrooms of outstanding Detroit teachers, who are an integral part of our program. Interns learn from these mentor teachers, observing excellent practice, co-planning lessons, and teaching together. Interns receive extensive guidance and feedback from their mentor teachers, as well as from the TeachDETROIT field supervisor, who observes each intern at least three times a semester. Interns and field supervisors meet weekly as well.

How much does TeachDETROIT cost?

Interns who already have a bachelor's degree will take 41-43 credit hours to complete the program. Tuition rates vary depending on residency, etc. A tuition calculator can be found here: http://apps.reg.wayne.edu/tuition

Graduates of TeachDETROIT who take two additional courses (5 credit hours) can earn a master's degree at any time after they graduate from the program.

Is financial aid available?

Yes! Please be sure to apply for scholarships by March 1 at https://education.wayne.edu/admissions/financial.  In addition, small scholarships are often available from private donors to TeachDETROIT.

What examinations are required for admission and licensure?

No examinations are required for admission, but passing the MTTC is required in order to receive a teaching certificate in the state of Michigan. As a Wayne State College of Education student, you will have access to study guides and other resources to prepare for the MTTC, and we advise interns to speak with an advisor about the best timing for taking the MTTC. For more information, go to https://www.mttc.nesinc.com/

How can I apply?

Please attend an information session and an interview so that you can meet the TeachDETROIT team and learn more about our program. If you are not yet a Wayne State student, go to this website to apply for admissions: https://wayne.edu/admissions/.  Please let TeachDETROIT know once your application is complete so that we can track it, and make sure to check your application status frequently. Let us know if you have questions along the way.

More questions?

Please contact us! TeachDETROIT@wayne.edu